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Finally finished !!!!!

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Turned my 200$ New Braunfell offset smoker into a reverse flow and done a lot more mods. I have a baffle along with a plate all the way across with a split in it where my water pan sits in between the two plates all is wrapped in foil besides pan. I made a new intake hole same as the bottom hole a charcoal box with a split in case I needed to add more coal. One grate remains at the top in fire box for me to lay my wood. I have a 4" gap at the end of the plate running through the chamber for where the smoke can release from the bottom. So far just started it and heated up to 220 lot faster and now time to shower and see how long it's stable !

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Looking good.....  Time to smoke something....... icon14.gif......   If you need to cut down on the air flow through the top section of the "pie" vent, skifreak added an additional adjusting plate to his top "pie" vent.....    Something to think about......  Not saying you need it....  just one more thing to adjust to get the perfect heat flow going through the cook chamber......   





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Mine is set up like his the bottom one looks closed but it's open just ash dust in the bottom but just tried to calibrate my thermostat and the dang thing in boiling water wouldnt even get past 148!!!!!!
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