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Ash Catch Basket

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I currently suspend my UDS fire basket using U-Bolts.  I am wanting to add an ash catch tray (using an OLD cake pan from my wife).  I am thinking I can suspend the catch pan using 2 hooks from the fire basket itself.  Does anyone have any advice/concerns about using stainless steel S Hooks for this?



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I took a spare lid and cut out the middle and then took pliers and bent up the edges.  Now i have a 19 inch pan that covers the bottom very well...i hooked up u-bolt to it so i can grab it with a hook. 


I'll show you a pic in a short while. 

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Here ya go.  I cook with only lump and only have to clean ash out of this pan maybe every 3-4 cooks. There is no need to attach the ash pan to the basket. 

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Thanks! Good idea.
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