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smoking up a picnic in surrey England take "2" in my uds with home made prototype temperature controller TRIAL RUN !!!!!! with Q-views

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hi guys

i am getting ready to smoke my second ever pulled pork picnic , i am going to a top fuel drag race weekend here in england and i need to practice my smoking skills before i make a fool of myself in front of a gang of friends and family lol

so i thought i would let you guys see what i do blow by blow and please feel free to comment as i want to be able to impress them with the knowledge i have gained from you all

i went and bought a lower shoulder of pork earlier today at a local market stall



it was rind on and still had the trotter attached and a small rack of ribs about 6 inches long 



this is what i was left with after removing all the rind ,the ribs and the trotter the skin will be used tomorrow when i crisp it all for "crackling" the ribs will be MY treat lol



this is the brine i have made  it has a whole onion softened in EVOO with 2 tsp of crushed garlic , 4 tbs of dark brown sugar, 3 tbs of salt and 1 tbs of paprika i threw in the ice to cool it all down and i have loaded the pork and ribs in it and put it in the refrigerator until tomorrow night when i will start the cook at about midnight in my home built UDS and the prototype temperature controller i built a couple of days ago



THE BIG QUESTION IS will it work???????? total outlay on this controller LESS THAN £20.00 ($35.00)

more info when it happens lol watch this space !!!!

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hi guys

latest news is my home built temperature controller is working but the pid settings i had are not working too well so i set the controller into auto tune and since then it has been brilliant there seems to be a temperature difference between the controller display and my maverick ET 732 of 5 degrees f which is close enough for me and my maverick has been at 230f for 3 hours and it has been 2-3 f above or below it. so far the only time it has gone out of range has been when i lifted the lid  even then it only went to 253f but then slowly dropped back again

i have taken some more photo's of the progress so far as i am writing this while the pork is still in the smoker

this is me putting on my rub mix i will post my recipe but it is 2.30 am here in the uk and i need some sleep 

this is about 2 1/2 hours into the smoke and i have been spraying with apple juice and smoking with apple wood the tray underneath has water and apple juice in as well thats it so far more pics to follow as it happens

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sorry forgot to show maverick temperature so here it is


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hi guys

final installment of the picnic in surrey england 

this is it, after being in the UDS for 14 hours at 230f  i wrapped it in foil when the I.T. was at 155f  and i removed it at 201f  i then rested it in a cool box wrapped in foil and towels for 3 hours until the kids came in from work 


i had sprayed it a few times with apple juice, the rub i used was a mix based on some i have seen on the web but also with what was in the cupboard that my mrs and i thought would be to our taste so here it is 

4T dark brown sugar 

3T paprika

1T salt

1T garlic powder

1T onion powder

1T black pepper

1T dry english mustard

1T cayenne

1T thyme

2tsp oregano

1tsp parsley

1tsp allspice

1tsp cinnamon 

as you can see the meat just fell from the bone, it was juicy  and the bark was lovely and full of flavour,drool.gif it is the best i have ever had. i love having a smoker i just wish i had done this 30 years ago i feel that i have missed out lolhead-wall.gif

no need for a fork a gentle squeeze and it breaks apart served up in sun dried tomato loaf with a throw together apple topper of

stewed apples,

brown sugar

white wine vinegar

whole grain mustard


salt and pepper

with a mixed salad made by her fair hands

HEAVEN ON A PLATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beer.gif time for a well earned beer i think  

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Nice job and it looks excellent! I said the same about wishing I would have known sooner. I have a German sign in my house that says "We get to soon old and too late Smart"

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That looks delicious!  Thanks for sharing, very nicely done!



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thanks red and woodcutter thank you for the very apt saying

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