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New builder

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Greetings to all. I recently got into building smokers and have learned a lot on here and on my own. I enjoy reading all the comments and seeing the pictures from everyone else. Have a few pictures of what I have built if I can figure out how to add pictures.
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Just started this one
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Welcome to the forum.  I am a newbie also.  This is the right place to to get information and advice.  Everyone here is

friendly and willing to assist.

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Have been working on the fire box today. Made a sliding vent.
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Working on the doors today. Trying my hand on sliding doors rather than lift up. Got one pretty much done. Still needs a little tweaking to operate properly. This photo shows the door half open
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Man you have some talent welcome to SMF, how did you do your sliding doors, I have thought about doing them in the past but didn't really know how I wanted to tackle them.

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I have been a welder and machinist since i was 16. I'm 67 now so I have several years of experience.
After cutting out the doors I welded a 1/8" X 2" strip to the inside of the doors. Then used a 1" X 1" X 1/8" angle as a guide. Had to rip one edge of the angle down to 1/2" to get the clearance I wanted. Was a little hard to get it bent but a little heat worked.
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 lots of info here and check out Roll Call for newbies if you already haven't.

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Been there. Done that!!
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Nice on the slider...working on something now and you've got me thinking...
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Slider is a good idea... my worries would be that the grease and grime will get all gummed up in the tracks and hinder the sliding affect... especially when cold... just my way of thinking...
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I sure hope not. I left quite a bit of clearance between the doors and the surrounding area. First sliding doors I have built. Just wanted something a little different. Have never seem any sliding doors before.
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I think on my next build I may have to try and work out the sliding doors as well really like the idea.

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BNC-those are some nice units.  I really like the idea of the sliding door-it's a first here at SMF.

You good sir have got the skills!

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The sliding doors are nice for someone who is "vertically challenged", as my wife used to say. Don't have to reach up so high.
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