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Dino Bones Q-View

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Treated my wife and I today to some dino bones.  Picked up a 4 bone rack of beef chuck shortribs at ShopRite yesterday, a little over 3.5 lbs.  Rubbed with spicy montreal steak seasoning overnight.  Brushed on a light coating of evoo and some regular montreal  seasoning this am before heading to the smoker.  Smoked for 3 hours at 235 deg with oak in the amnps, followed by 2 hours in foil with beef broth, tiger sauce,  teriyaki, worcestershire, and a touch of honey.  Finished them up with 1 hour back out of the foil.  Turned out great!




Ready for the smoker.



Look at all that beef!



After 3 hours in the smoke.



Starting to pull back.



After the 2 hours in the foil.



Ready to eat.


Steak on a stick



Stone ipa, baked beans, and bloomin onion pieces to complement the Fred Flinstone rib.

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My Favorite Ribs!!!!!


Really meaty too!!!




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I gotta get some of those one of these days. They look like they came out great.
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Nice work njfoses! Looking good!
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