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Lacquered Pork Ribs from Spain

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I like the addition of the balsamic. Das sieht wunderbar!!!



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Those look great.

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Hi Tasunka,


Wow!  That is probably the most beautiful post on smoking ribs that I have ever seen. I really like the idea of the lacquered glaze on the ribs. Thank you for your very clear and detailed instructions, and for the great q-view!!




Have a great day!

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that looks very tasty. i may have to give that a try this summer.

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Tas, those ribs are absolutely beautiful!!!! 2thumbs.gif

How sweet are they? My Dad likes his ribs sweet, I like them more spicy but I think this just might be right up his alley, I'm going to have to give this a try!!!
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Those ribs look awesome!  Thanks for sharing your recipe and process, it's going on my 'to do' list for sure...



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Very nice!...JJ

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Hands down the best looking ribs I've seen! Your picture of the sliced view could sell smokers, ribs pork anything.

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g'morning, everyone - and many thanks for the kind words. these really were something special -and easy. i will definitely be doing them again and again.


>>>How sweet are they? My Dad likes his ribs sweet, I like them more spicy but I think this just might be right up his alley, I'm going to have to give this a try!!!<<<


dave - these do have a bit of sweet in them, but it is very well balanced by the salt, pepper and especially the vinegar for a really nice end product. i'm thinking that if you want to give your dad a good rib, and also enjoy them yourself, you might try adding a little more black pepper and possibly some good smoked paprika as well. this should do a good job of keeping the lacquered appearance and texture, while also providing a little more spice for the swee/sour to play off of.


if anyone wants to try these and has questions, just let me know, and i'll do my best to answer them. if you try them, post some photos and results, and let me know how you like them!

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I'm going to make these tomorrow. i have two slabs of BB to give it a try.  since they are know to be good, i may toss a wrinkle in one of them. i was thinking near the last hour to add some cherry or raspberry concentrate. or maybe even cherry juice to be the final 2 or 3 coats. see if it comes out good. looking for that simple taste this recipe offers with just a little something that make you go hmm. what is that taste right at the corner of my taste buds :)

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Nice. Got the Recipe written down and om the TODO list...

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Ribs are on!


i put too much pepper and salt in mix but i'm sure it will be ok. I'm gong with the basic 4 ingredients. can't wait until there done.


lightly salted and peppered the face down into a thin layer of the mix for an hour. and in the smoker at 2 pm right around 245.


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Wow. There are so many great projects on this site and this is definitely one of them. It is added to my list of things to try and is near the top. They look great.

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Tas.....are they "sticky".....they are the most beautiful ones I have seen.  Yummmm!


Just don't care for sticky.....



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Hi everyone. I just join the group and I'm waiting patiently for my new MES40 to arrive on Monday. Anything I should know before I use it for the first time????
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this is something i will make again. The flavor is subtle and persistent but always secondary to the taste of the pork. Unlike my normal ribs which are a flavor explosion in your mouth with multiple flavor layers these are straight forward and a  nice single flavor layer that doesn’t overwhelm the Smokey pork goodness.

This reminds me of one of my favorite cuisine styles I had near Miami in the Argentina area. The way they season there foods is meat flavor first and season to support it. Some of the best food I have eaten. This isn’t traditional BQQ but what the heck I’m from Chicago. it’s going to be in my rotation for sure.

I can see lots of ways to mix it up a little but keep the same flavor profile.


Thanks TasunkaWitko for sharing this recipe!

Now for some money shots


here is the finished ribs after resting for 10 mins in foil.




rack 2 cut:




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Looks like they turned out good for you as well.


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Well, a touch of insomnia has me thinking too much about BBQ recipes and this one is stuck in my head and I need to do this again real soon.


I really love KISS principle of this technique. So I’m thinking in terms of adding no more than 1 ingredient at a time or some simple exchanges.

For instance, I’m contemplating exchanging the honey with maple syrup(real syrup.). Maybe use this on a low and slow smoked pork chop or tenderloin.


Too many other wild ideas flying around in the dark that I will have to iron out and try and see if I can create something interesting.

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