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Poll Results: Who's the winner?

Poll expired: May 10, 2013  
  • 1% (1)
    1) Smoked Kabobs/Pepper Boats filled with Baby Bella Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes with Pineapple Rings
  • 7% (7)
    2) Chiles Rellenos. stuffed with a Blackbean-Corn Salsa along with some Queso Fresco. Finished with a Strawberry-Mango salad.
  • 5% (5)
    3) Smoked Red Bell Peppers, stuffed with shrimp jambalaya, mixed with cheddar and parmesan cheeses.
  • 4% (4)
    4) Fire roasted green,red, and jalopeno peppers, smoked over applewood chips with pulled pork,Jeff's sauce, avacodo slices, and sour cream on a in homemade a taco salad shell
  • 3% (3)
    5) BBQ smoked ribs marinated in smoked Roasted Red Pepper Coulis and Adobo seasoning Dry rubbed
  • 2% (2)
    6) Smoked Bell Pepper Lasagna- Smoked bell peppers as the noodled and topped with smoked Mozzarella.
  • 3% (3)
    7) "Cincinnati Style Chili" Homemade spaghetti made with cold smoked roasted red pepper dough in alfredo sauce. Brisket chili con carne.Cold smoked shredded mild cheddar. Dollop of sour cream. Cold smoked candied jalapenos. Pickled red onion bundled with cold smoked roasted poblano strips. Cold smoke "branded" mozzarella block
  • 10% (10)
    8) Jalapenos stuffed with Pepperjack Cheese, wrapped in a thin sliced chicken breast, wrapped in hickory smoked bacon with a chipotle cajun seasoning. Served with sauteed kale, smoked jalapenos and hickory smoked bacon
  • 10% (10)
    9) Cognac & Thai Chili glazed Chicken Stuffed with bell pepper and Fontina cheese, Topped with a smoked red pepper cream sauce and served with smoked jalapeno & corn Guacamole. Sides: Rice Pilaf stuffed smoked pepper , Asparagus with smoked pepper band.
  • 27% (27)
    10) Pulled Pork Stuffed Pablano Pepper: Grilled Pablano Pepper stuffed with Pulled Pork finished with a Smoked Jalapeno Chimichurri Sauce Topped with Queso Chihuahua. Served with a Scratch Mole Poblano Sauce and Sweet Corn Pudding.
  • 11% (11)
    11) Reverse-seared French cut bone-n Ribeye steak rubbed with ground hickory smoked chipotles (home smoked), garlic, and peanut oil and lathered with homemade three pepper jelly (Jalapeno, Serrano and Mexican Red pepper). A twice-smoked stuffed potato and a spring mix salad with blackberries and goat cheese round out the plate.
  • 2% (2)
    12) Inside Out and Smoked Stuffed Roasted Red Pepper Fatty! Fire Roasted Red Pepper, Arborio Rice, Sauted Spanish Onion and Locatelli Romano cheese stuffed inside an Italian Sausage-Bacon Weave Fatty
  • 12% (12)
    13) THE SOUTHWEST CHICKEN COOP! The Rooster-Boneless marinated chicken breast stuffed with button portabellos, habenaro and sweet pepper rings, minced garlic and sharp chedder. Tied shut with butchers twine topped with secret spices and crerry smoked to a nice golden haze. The hen. A large green bell capped and layered with mozzerella grilled chicken tenderloin and sharp chedder. Topped with sliced ports and diced habenaros and a bacon cap. The chicks. Topped and cleaned jalapenos stuffed with motzerella and shredded grilled chicken tenderloin. A bacon wrap and smoked to a gooey perfection. Served with homeade spicy jalapeno salsa canned from last years crops.
97 Total Votes  
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I am totally blown away by the recipies and presentations.

I my humble opinon, every entry is a winner.

Very impressive and very difficult to vote.

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Every one of them is a winner!

I won't tell which one I voted for . . . (but it was plated on dish just like ours!)
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they should all be scratched from the TD  just TOOOOOO good drool.gif GREAT JOB EVERYONE goodluck.gif  Man this would be hard to decide.

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  With every throwdown I am amazed at the ingenuity of the contestants! I always think I had a good idea, and then I see the entries and say 'WOW' !



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I vote 11

but I can not get to the poll. (java error)


Great pics!

I'm down with the next one, look out

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 This is why I bow down in deference and will never submit an entry. I love to cook and love to smoke, I'm not bragging at all, but it is a cold day in Hades when I pull something from the grill less than great. But for all that, when it comes to creative presentation (I mean c'mon there was a baby chicken in one pic!!!!) I am a complete and utter fool. 


 Awesome job all, I appreciate the time and effort y'all put into them. Certainly magazine worthy. 


For me, I guess I will have to be satisfied with being beer worthy.

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So, just out of curiosity, when do we all take one big road trip for the taste testing?
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Great job everybody, everything looks amazing. French cut bone in ribeye, can I come to your next cookout?

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everything looks very tasty

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