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So??? How did it go???????

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It went okay.  I'm glad I let you guys talk me into going.  While it did rain some, mostly misty rain, it was not a bad turn out.  It was lower than usual and the busiest time was later in the evening when the drunk 20 somethings showed up.  We took just a small amount of food and over 2 gallons worth of our sauce and sold out!  We gave away about 50 or more business cards, got some great party leads, discovered our name is out there a lot more than we thought, and was invited to do a internet tv commercial.  So while we didn't make a lot of money, it was a great night.  I was also asked to be on 2 bbq cook off teams.  All of this happened because you guys encouraged me to go.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  I am more convinced, now more than ever, that we have the best BBQ in NW Florida and I'm looking forward to getting a chance to prove it someday soon!!

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That's good to hear.....  Cool....  icon14.gif ....



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Consistency is always the key to success!

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I agree just do it!!!! Lol not only does it show you followers that your gonna be there but it shows you got heart n won't let a little storm rain on you n stop you from doin what you like and where bouts In Florida is it?
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Steve, the event is held in Panama City and I live about half an hour north of there.  If you are in the area, you should come on down and join us.

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Sounds like ya did ok!!!


  Thats great!!!


I am heading over to Bonifay in a little bit..


   Check your PM..



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I'm actually in spring hill fl it's bout 4hrs south of tht lol n when is it ill try n make it no promises tho lol
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I agree.. It gives the impression that you will be there.. rain or shine

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I'm actually in spring hill fl it's bout 4hrs south of tht lol n when is it ill try n make it no promises tho lol

Steve.. If your interested in attending a gathering.. we have one coming up in Nov. here's the link
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Steve, our events are the first Friday of each month.  It starts around 5pm and runs through 10pm, but I have never seen them clear the streets.  I think they just let the crowd die down naturally and then shew away the lingering drunkards!

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Well def count me in in for November but ill def try n get there before hand lol just gotta fix the Trans on my 95 blazer lol
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Well we must be doing something right.  We will be cooking for the VFW on the 17th and I just booked a birthday party for the 18th.  The VFW wants me to cook 4 cases of chicken quarters for their fund raiser and the party will be for 35 people who really want OUR pulled pork.  I really hope this is a sign of things to come!!

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Def sounds like ur doin good for urself an your name keep it up!!! Lol
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good deal... so I take it we will all get a percentage of the take... since we talked you into going out in the rain... LOL... glad it's looking up for ya
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