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Making the most of a burn

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I'm trying to coordinate recipes and meals that I can prepare to take advantage of my smoker's burn.  I hate to heat that beast up only to cook a single meal.


Lately I have been making salmon once a week and while it was cooling down with the lid open, I have been grilling/lightly smoking some bacon for the kids.


I'd like to have some procedural ideas as to meals that I can prepare together using different (or the same) heat cycles on the grill.


I'm getting my grill set up and then will do some ribs and plan to do a full chicken Thursday.  I just wanted to combine planning to get maybe two or three meals cooked at a time.


Thanks all!

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Throw on a 7 bone chuck along with other stuff.... meat for a couple days....    Dave

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Daves suggestion of a Chuck Roast is a good one. You can add a similar sized Pork Butt and have Pulled Pork for a variety of meals. Other Beef cuts that can be smoked to Med/Rare, IT of 130*F, is a fairly quick smoke as well and makes great sandwiches. Turkey Breasts will go about the Same time as a Roaster Chicken and are great smoked...JJ

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I usually fill mine up with potato's, meatloaf and an eye round for roast beef sandwiches. All cheap quick smokes.




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