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drum smoker

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hear are some pictures of my drum smoker build i did burn it out once i did use a wire brush on it and today i burned it out aging so this is how it looks like right now as i work on it i will post more pictures of it




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Very nice burn out......  The Bbl should be fine for smoking now.....  I'm in for the build.... don't forget pics...... Dave

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thanks dave as i have the time and money to work on it i will post pics of it

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I'm in popcorn.gif

You building a UDS or a Horizontal Offset Smokers ?

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i am going to go with the Horizontal Offset Smoker i can put more meat on that way and have better access to the meat  then on a uds i would need to take the top grate off i dont wan to that and i have friends from church that want me to do stuff for them and i like how the offset smokers look like and i dont care how long it will take me to learn how to use it i hope to start on it later on this summer or fall

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