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Grilling :)-

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It's been a hecktick couple of days, Our Doggie , "Chia Pet" developed a Cyst on her chest and it got so big it looked like an Orange. Sunday afternoon she banged it into a step coming in the house and it sprung a leak. Blood everywhere, so we diapered her up and waited to today and got her in early to the Vet.  He looked at her and set time to operate . In 3hrs. So we went home let them do their majic and went back at 5:00p to pick her up. She's doing fine.


After all that , we wanted to get a T-shirt to wear till the stitches come out. Q-view (or Doggie-view) later.


While at Wally World , I ambled through the Meat section and saw the Brats and Kielbasa and thought they would be good for supper,now that I have a Grill ... here's the Q-view on that:

  I have Onions,Garlic, Potatoes , S/P , and Butter in the foil.

 starting to look good...

 getting there...


 and on the plate... and yes, it was good...


Have fun and...

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Looking good on the sausage...sorry about your dog...glad she is ok...

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