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Recipe apps for iPhone/iPad

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Does anyone here use a recipe app on their iDevices? I have used my laptop for years to organize my recipes. However we are getting rid of the laptop and are just going to have an iPad. When I travel i like being able to have my recipes with me as we typically stay somewhere that allows us to cook.


I have been looking at two apps, Paprika Recipe Manager, and YummySoup


For me being able to enter my own recipes and edit is really key. I also like the features that create shopping lists. Being able to link via the iCloud will be important too since we do travel and may not have all devices with us.

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I use and recommend the Pepperplate app. When I was looking for a recipe app, this review/recommendation is one of the ones that convinced me to try Pepperplate.

Pepperplate is free so you can give it a try and see if you like it.

After loading the app, I recommend also installing their Bookmarklet (also free) which enables fast one click adding of recipes from websites.

I use it on my iPad, iPhone, and work laptop. My wife also has it on her iPhone. So we both have access to any recipe wherever we are.


FYI - I have no affiliation with Pepperplate. I just like the app.
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I use Evernote. It's free and is sort of in it's own cloud, meaning it syncs between all devices you're logged in. You can also "share" between accounts, so if you're at the store and your wife updates the shared shopping list on her computer, it shows up instantly on your Iphone.

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Thanks guys I'll take a look at both of those apps. If I have any specific questions after my research I'll post my questions.
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Okay here is an update on this. I ended up getting both YummySoup and Paprika. Had I got Paprika first I wouldn't have bought YummySoup. YummySoup advertises features that it is going to have, not what is actually working right now. Bit disappointed with that. Supposedly you can do a grocery list, scale recipes etc. but there is no way to do it.


Paprika on the other hand does everything that it says it will. Very cool app. I am really enjoying it and worth the $4.99 that I paid for it.

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