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Smoked corned beef breakfast

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I actually did this a while ago , but forgot to post it.....
This was the last of the corned beef that I smoked on my WSM a few weeks ago.
It's not very glamorous , but it was real tasty.....
Sliced it up....

Chunked it in the CI skillet...

Chucked in a couple of hen fruit...oops! Broke a yolk!

OK , I know this " plated pic" is not going to win any awards for grace and beauty , but I kind of butchered the over easy flip and then tossed it on a paper plate... (Hey , it was the weekend)
But let me tell ya , brothers and sisters , it tasted really good

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Looks great to me, taste always wins

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Hey....that is one great breakfast in my book!  LOVE seeing you using a cast iron skillet too!



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Looks fit for a King, I could eat that every morning, it's just missing either potatoes or rye toast.

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