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Questions about transporting Fatties

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I love the idea of the original fattie and fattie ring molded in the bundt pan, who ever thought of that is a GENIUS!


Id like to make one and then transport it. I'm also not sure if it will be eating it right away. My questions are, can it be wrapped up in the cooler and transported? And will it be soggy when i unwrap it? Would it be better to make it a day in advance then cool it off?


I also have the same question for the twice smoked ham but i will open up a new post in the right forum for that.


happy smoking!


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Transporting Fatties?


Put them in the back seat, if they'll fit. Then tell them to quit yapping all the time, so you can concentrate on your driving!!!rolleyes.gif




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app, morning......  Cook, cool in the refer and wrap.....   The bacon will probably get soggy but reheating the Fatty in a 400 deg oven should crisp it back up...  then lower the heat to 250-300 until the IT is around 165....    Dave

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Lol, at bear. I thought you were going to tell me I couldn't transport over state lines :D

Mr Omak,
Yes that makes more sense than wrapping in the cooler. It may fall apart in there which is what I don't want. Thank you very much!
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Fatties reheat quite well.  Individual servings of a few slices work well in the microwave also.  Of course I keep trying to tell my wife the whole fatty "is" an individual serving....

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Lol thank you!
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