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Spoiled Rotten Dogs...!

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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This is so clever! My dogs seem to demand five star room service, not to mention a swanky wine list, (smiles), and this looked very innovative and impressive! I'm sure your dogs are thrilled!!! Cheers! - Leah

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She was thrilled, alright. She wouldn't hold still long enough for me to take a picture.


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That is awesome!!!  Just  founds some belly strips at an Asian market (weird stuff in that place but what a plethora of sauces and spices). Had my dog in mind when I ran across those, so they will be going on the smoker tomorrow. These look great AND a great idea.  Thanx for posting this thread!!!!

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exactly the post I was looking for.

Have skin from 3 pigs and I wanted to make homemade treats for the boss.


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