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Kevin, evening.....   Looks like you are making headway....    ABT's sizzling is a good sign.....     Dave

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Ribs looking good, hope the hole for extra air does the trick.



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How is it now?  Did the mod's help ?



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Gary I believe it is better. I did notice it was holding better temps with the lump and extra air hole. One crucial detail I missed when looking at SmokinSteves build was that he had air intakes on both sides of his firebox. I could either add another vent on the front door or the back of my firebox (probably the back) and I can enlarge the holes for my existing slide vent with a die grinder. If I had to do it over again I would make the firebox a little bigger for a little more fuel capacity and air flow.

  As it is now it's really easy to spill burning coals out of the door opening while trying to load fuel, I still need to make a proper fire grate and can include a lip at the front. I have been taking a short break from the build/smoking to think about it and have a little time to catch up on some other home and garden duties and come back with fresh enthusiasm. 

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Just a thought, would it be feasible to enlarge your firebox, maybe something creative ?  Look at my smoker in the avatar, I went from round and flat on top to a square, you wouldn't believe how many times I have been asked a technical question about that design, You can guess I have a lot of fun with it. The truth is I just wanted something different.



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Gary I found your build thread for the smoker in your avatar. I did not really "get" the firebox design until I saw the pic of it without the top. I really like that firebox-well the whole thing is cool but the firebox is really unique. , I think the best description of the square section on the front would be a "Cubic Intake Plenum" ,-cuz it sounds technical !

  I also saw the thread on the Bull Smoker. I did not know they had best pit contests.  Kind of like a car show for pit builders! I tried the ICBA link but did not find more on it. Do you have any links to other best pit winners or best pit contests?


Bouncing some ideas around on the firebox, will keep ya posted.

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I like the CIP  I'll use it if you don't mind.   The Bull smoker did belong to a friend of mine who lives in Dallas, He sold it and built a more conventional smoker, Said he was tired of the bull and it was big.  Only picture I had of pit contest.



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Here are a couple more Pictures of the Bull




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 Thanks Gary,  I am going to keep posting more mods and cooks on the mini but I am also going to start a new thread on my next build #2. I have  a 60 gallon tank 53" x 20" and a really cool old 16" x 20" Orley woodstove, I did a really rough sketch of an idea the other night and wanted to post it up. It will be in the side firebox section

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Sounds like a plan




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