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cajun injector

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Yesterday I purchased a Cajun Injector electric smoker. When I opened the box and took the unit out I noticed the front left corner on the bottom smashed in. Going to call the place I bought from today when they open to see if they have anymore. th_crybaby2.gif
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Hopefully they have one. I have been using a cajun injector for 6 months now with many batches. Great low cost smoker.
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Which one do u have Baked? I purchased the black one with the controlls in the front. It was on sale for $179 figured that was a good price.
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well the store didn't have anymore smokers on hand I have to wait till Wednesday for one to come in.
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Mine has the pop up digital controls. It went on clearance for $135 when your model came out.
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Congrats on the new rig, junkie!  Sorry to hear its damaged.  Hopefully your dealer will make it right. 

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Went and picked up my replacement smoker today. This one was all good no damage so now it is time to clean it and the racks then season it. Thinking about doing some teriyaki, original hi-mountain, and some 3 pepper hi-mountain jerky. This will be my first jerky done on a smoker so any suggestions would be great.
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Vent wide open. No water in the pan. Take it easy on the smoke the first time until you get used to how strong of a smoke flavor you want.
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I don't know if I have some faulty pellets or what. I have top vent open all the way chip tray is out but pellets keep going out. I let the hickory pellets burn burn for 15 minutes before I put it in smoker but they keep going out. I have the side vent open but still go out what am I doing wrong?
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I'm thinking about getting this one..
Is it worth it?
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Heat may be pretty uneven if the element is on the far right like my single width cajun injector.
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I am very happy with mine.
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