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Need a cover for the MES 40

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Just what the thread title says. I'm looking to get a cover for my new MES 40. The smoker is under the covered back porch, but I want something to keep the dust and incidental water off of it.


The biggest issue is the cover needs to have a high WAF (Wife Approval Factor). The MES brand cover is not really what we're looking for because it is solid black and kind of ugly. I've found a few brands that look pretty nice (I have a light tan Veranda cover for my grill that I really like - their square smoker cover is not big enough).


Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to not completely break the bank, but I'd be willing to spend a little extra for something that looks nice.


Thanks all.

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Here's the one you want, and the price is right!

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Go to your local fabric store, but 3-4yds of 'ballistic Cordura' in wife's favorite color, have the wife sew the size you want! I made one for my new braunfels out of the black...stuff is UV fade resistant and water proof...nice stuff!

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Hey I like that...might order one of those myself.  Thanks, cheifwej.

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Thanks chefwej - my wife actually sent me a link to that one, but I had dismissed it because it didn't look like the dimensions would fit the MES 40. Thanks for letting us know it does actually fit.


Off to Amazon now.

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The picture is it on a MES 40. It will fit very tight unless you remove the handle. The large size fits like it was taylor made for the unit.
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The cover from amazon is a great quality cover but it does not fit the 2nd gen MES 40. You will need to remove the back handle and loader to work it onto the MES and then it is to small to pull to the bottom so it will leave a bunched up area of canvas at the top and still about 6" from covering bottom.

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