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Coldspot fridge Smoker - Page 2

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Looks great! I think you nailed it.

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Hey thanks! Now that I know everything works, it's On Like Donkey Kong!

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Way to keep it simple!
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My buddy is painting some realistic flames on her. This is about half way done. He's layering everything for a 3D effect.

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Very nice! Looks-Great.gif

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Nice job.  I've got one that I started but haven't finished.  I'd like to put some flames on mine if I ever finish it.  Be sure to post some pics after you finish the flames and clear coat it.

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Very nice looking
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Hey thanks! I'm pretty excited to see it finished. 

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So I take it you were able to keep the temp low enough for jerky, and at the same time get the wood to smoke???

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Yes but I really had to keep an eye on it. It did great at 225 and higher. I'm sad to say I just recently had a mishap and burned my smoker up. I've been meaning to post pics.
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Here it is :(
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That's not a black and white photo. That's a charred burnt up smoker. It breaks my heart
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   What a shame. That was a great looking unit. Do you know what caused it?



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Probably all those flames on the front! Hey. You built it once. You can rebuild it again! Wire brush it out, replace that wood with steel, get that thing smoking again!
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icon_eek.gif  Yikes! What happened? Looks like you were smoking salmon nuggets or chicken wings?

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Yeah it was 10 lbs of wings. I'm not sure exactly what happened. I insulated it with pink stuff and it caught on fire before but I was there to put it out. I did quite a few smokes after that with no problem until baboom this happened
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That is a shame!  My guess would be grease from the wings dripping down on your fire.

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Oh man....now  THIS has me paranoid about my build! 

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