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Jonny's Rusty Old Oven Build (lots of photos)

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Well everyone, after lurking on here for a while and learning a lot about how to build one of these things, I finely have a game plan and have started on the build!  As was requested by many, photos will be a plenty throughout the process.  here is the first photo:  the idea... 





Turning this:   into this:  


Smoke chamber under a old gas oven turned into a electric smoker!  


Here is what i did so far... started on the "body work"



Got a nice project box!  painting it black!



And i call this picture... weight reduction... ripping out all the gas components and excess crap i dont need!  



Well thats it for my first couple days... i got a Brinkman 1500w heater on the way.  once this weather warms up i can start the body work on the unit itself!  

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......popcorn.gif.......  I'm in for the build.... 

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Well, a productive weekend... i got the body work done on the front panel of the oven.  i got my project box and the front panel pained an nice glossy black.  



Smooth and a baby's behind!  






Next step... cleaning up the stove top, adding some metal and painting it.  thanks for following!  

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Me too !

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I'm in cause this is interesting!

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Got me a spot picked out for the rockin chair.  Watching this one too.

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Oh this is going to get good :)

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I'm glad you all find this as interesting and fun as I do.  My wife just rolls her eyes with this thing... but she will be very excited to have some delicious smoked food when this is all done.  more pics coming soon! 

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c'mon y'all... make room for a fellow smoker will ya.... (pushing and nudging to get up front)... OK... I'm in
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I'm watching!
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Yup...getting ready to make another myself...popcorn.gif
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Alright fellow smokers... No pictures for today, but there are a few things in the works.  I got some rough blueprints drawn up for the legs.  Going to the machine shop today to get some ideas on the caster position.  I've ordered some steel and aluminum blocks for the build.  i also got some sheet metal to do some body work on the top of the stove.  The weather is freezing today so it may be a while before I can sand the unit down and put a fresh coat of paint on it...  uggh!  I'm so ready for winter to be done!  

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Well everyone, i had a productive week... while the weather is still not cooperating i got to work on the control box.  all the parts came in for the rear panel, so I jumped right in and got everything cut out and got it painted.  and all wired up.  My wife is not very happy that i've been working on it on the dining room table... but oh well.  i will be ordering both PID's over the weekend and once those come in I'll get them wired up and everything should work... As far as the legs are concerned, all the pieces are in for the build except for the casters.  I'm just waiting for the machine shop to get them cut to the right lengths for me.  I'll post more pics when I get more done.  thanks!  




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Hey everyone!  WOW was it a productive week...


All my components came in for the PID control box...


My control box will have two PIDs, one to control the temp of the oven, and the smaller one will be hooked up to an alarm for the meat temp.  



ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!  **evil laugh** and my wife is SO happy all my tools are off the dining room table!  

as you can see... it features a k-type plug on both the front and back, one for the oven temp and one for the meat temp.  I also added a 20a circuit breaker inside so that if its pushing too much power i dont burn anything down.  ha ha.  




In addition to the brains of the operation, the weather finally broke!  Its all of a sudden in the high 60's... weird... anyway, the body work is well underway!  





during... sheet metal and body filler... still working on this.  i want it to look good so this might take a bit.  



and finally, i got the major stuff done on the oven itself!  Its all painted and looking GOOD!  


current to do list... 

-sand and paint the top of the oven

-pick up the legs from the machine shop (hopefully this week) and mount them.

-buy and mount casters on the legs

-buy heavy duty handles for the sides

-install magnets on the control box for easy mounting and unmounting to side of oven

-install door magnets to keep door closed (springs are really weak with age)

-build smoke box under oven and run flex tube for AMNPS smoke generator.  might do something custom or might just go with a mailbox idea... dont know yet... 




I hope you all are enjoying the progress on this!  i think it will be a nice addition to my back yard and hopefully not an eyesore any more.  Thanks for following!  

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Well everyone.  been a slow week or so... here are some pics of what i got done.  


got the top all painted and installed



got the element installed.  



Got some high temp super magnets to keep the door shut.  



and got some super magnets installed on the side of the control box.  so it can stick to the side of the smoker and is removable when not in use.  




Other then that the casters came in and i'm still waiting on the machine shop to make the brackets for the casters.  In the mean time i'm enjoying the mild weather and using my grill almost every night.  haha.  anyway... check back next week and see if i have an update!  cheers!  

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Lookin' good Johnny......  The controller...  Is that something you designed ??  I don't know squat about stuff like that.....  Dave

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Hi Dave, thanks!  As far as the control box, I had previous experience building a control box for a lagaring/fermentation chamber for my homebrew.  PID controllers are easy to wire up if you have an idea of what you want it to do.  For my control box, i knew i wanted a PID to control the heating element and the temp of the smoker and a PID to manage the internal temp of the meat.  The PID for the smoker is wired up to a K-type thermocouple and the output of the controller is hooked up to a solid state relay.  The 20 amps for the heating element only runs through the solid state to the 20a outlet on the back.  When the PID calls for heat, it activates the solid state relay which activates the 20a outlet.  The meat PID will be set up to control a buzzer when the meat reaches the proper internal temp.  PID's are really cool and all the hard work is done!  you just gotta wire them up in a configuration that works for your needs.  You should really build a controller!  ha ha.  

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Yeah, I should build a controller..... Just one more thing to sit on the kitchen table...   wife.gif  ...


Fermenting stuff, curing stuff, garden planting stuff (this time of year)... 

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ha ha.  it will only sit on the kitchen table if you use it once in a blue moon.  I hope to use mine a lot!  ha ha

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