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Pop I bet the meat will look as good as it smells.
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Well, the meat was a success!  My son bought a spiral cut ham and double smoked it, and I took the butt after heating it at home.  They both were good, and they were delicious and no difference in tenderness!   And enough left for ham sandwiches tomorrow!

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EASTER 2014:


Boned and rolled two more butts for this year's Easter - one for us, and one for my Chiropractor Dr. Chris Michlin!  Took all morning to get them boned out and rolled but I was able to get it done - amazing how weak my left hand is, even after finishing my son's quilt i made for him for his graduation from TCU-McNeely MBA class:  



It took him 2 years to get his MBA, took me 6 years to finish the quilt!  My original intention was to complete it for his graduation, but 5 strokes got in the way.  I worked on it in therapy classes, i had to re-teach myself the crochet stitches every time, just like re-learning how to type every time; but I did it, I got it finished two days ago!  Just have to wash it and I can present it to him for Easter!  (It is TCU purple!)


Anyways, I wander -  got the butts boned and rolled:



.....and pumped them with my brine needle and into the brine.  Chilled the trim, hand was too tired to trim out the trim, will have to do that tomorrow and make some sausage.


I pumped them between each string, on opposing diagonals (start on the left top to bottom right and inject, next string start on the right top to left bottom, and so on, alternating) to make sure all areas have been injected.   Put in the bucket of brine and weighted down with a half-full gallon bag of water (4 lbs.) to keep them immersed.  I roll my cutting cabinet with the bucket on it to the garage door, set the bucket on the garage floor, and slide it with my foot to the fridge, then have to lift it up 2 ft. into the base of the fridge with 1½ hands, lol.  Take my time, rest between each move, keep my back straight, and don't lose my center of balance so as not to strain anything.  Usually I'll have one or both kids here to do all that, but everybody's getting ready for the cruise (youngest son is getting married again) so just take my time and use what's around me to make it as easy as possible on me.


I'll be smoking them around the 17th or 18th of April, ready for this year's Easter!

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What final temp are you going to smoke them?

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I'm watching. 


You must be proud of  your son!



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Watching this too.   I want to try ham so bad.

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Originally Posted by Woodcutter View Post

What final temp are you going to smoke them?


I'll take them to 150° - 155°;  fully cooked is 145° or higher.


Originally Posted by Disco View Post

I'm watching. 


You must be proud of  your son!




Very proud of both my sons!  My older one, George Jr., is the MBA, and my younger one (who's getting married again) is working on his Comp/Sci BS.  George Jr. just celebrated his 19th year in Business, and Rob is closing in on 10 years as head of all computer operations for an international insurance company!


Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Watching this too.   I want to try ham so bad.


Well, whether it is hog leg or shoulder roast, it's all made the same way!  Cure it and smoke it and it will be delicious!  It's easier than you think!

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I suppose I could use a bone less butt too?

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Time to get 'em smoked!  Pulled them from the brine (well, my wonderful wife did!) and sacked them and hung in the smokehouse.  Took a Qview of the roasts to show how they looked out of the brine:



Pretty much gray colored, except for a couple spots.  The one on the left has a bright pink spot where the two roasts touched in the bucket.  They are both fully cured, just them touching does not allow oxygen to gray out that spot (remember, water is H²O).  On the right, I pulled out the meat to show the pink from the curing, a normal occurrance.  


Got both pellets in the mailbox and chunks in the pan going.  Forgot to buy more chunks so they will run out fairly quickly, but loaded up the AMNPS w/corncob pellets in the bottom and a layer of PitMaster's on top!


Will post progress Qviews along the way!

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Cant wait for more pics.            Thumbs Up

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Hung in the smokehouse, about half way through (101°).



Pulled at 148°.  I will refrigerate them, then take one to my chiropractor tomorrow, then take the other to my son's house Easter Sunday after reheating and decorating.



Cut a slice off the top of mine.... perfect color, always love the stockinette pattern on roast!   Nice outer color, used hickory and mesquite wood (my lovely wife took me to Albertson's to get a bag of each this morning!) plus corn cob and Pitmaster pellets in the AMNPS!


Another successful Easter smoke.  Whether it's a pork shoulder or hind leg ham, it's still good pork made into ham-like goodness!

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Pops, you have given me the confidence to try a ham,thank you!

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Looks great.
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Very nice and have a Happy Easter!

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77.gif to the master.. Pops, your the man... I like the stockinette pattern too... need to get me some ... 77.gif
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I bought a box of 100 and they're half gone after a year.  They're 55¢ apiece, or $55.00 per hundred if bought singly.  But, as a box of 100, only $16.96:


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Gave the shoulder to Dr. Chris; well, his wife, he was with a patient.  Then we went to our Stroke Folks meeting (3rd Thurs. every month).  He texted me, "WOW!  YUMMMMM!"  lol.  Also gave him a chunk of smoked cheese too, goes good for Easter!

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Nice job Pops, but you pretty much set the bar. Your bone cracker  is a pretty lucky fellar!


Some nice looking hams? Faux hams? Boneless hams? Nice looking however we are categorizing them. LOL


Amazing job.


Congrats to your son. Those horny toads played pretty good ball last year too!

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Three-peat!  Did the same this year; boned and rolled two more pork shoulders, cured them 3 weeks, then took out, hung up in stockinettes in the smokehouse for 9 hours until 155°, then refrigerated.  Took one to my Chiropractor along with some smoked cheese, the other we are having today at my son's house (they are busy Sunday).  Will get a Qview of the finished roast if I can keep my knife away from it long enough!



Well, my son beat me to it, sliced it up before I could get a Qview of it whole.   But, it was absolutely delicious and tender, not too salty at all and everybody had a great time!

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Great looking hams! I smoked one yesterday that was in your brine. Will smoke it again tomorrow for Easter .
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