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nice build going on! can't wait to see the progress from home! it killed me when i had my build at my buddy's shop for 10 days. good luck Dawg!

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My door gap changed after it cooled from the first fire in it. I ran it up to about 500 and ran it between there and 200 for 2 days. The door gap changed some after that. I would do that before I tried to fix the existing gap. It may change the location the clamps need to be. I have read here about some 2000 degree sealant, but can't find it again. All I can find is some 600 degree stuff. I need some too. If the clamps don't get it sealed you can make a gasket on the door. Put a bead of sealant on the door flange and grease the CC so it won't stick to it, close the door and let it set.

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Shot in the dark... Does anyone know who I could take this to in the Austin TX area to get sandblasted? 

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excellent build especially like the ash pan

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I know a few folks here on Houston that will do it for you.
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came up with a cool idea for a warmer stack cover ...pardon the welds...




have some griding and cleaning to do, but I am really happy with it.

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Here is a pic of the lock/tabs I created to keep the doors shut when driving down the road.


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I spent this weekend cleaning up the pit to get ready for the paint. Used a wire wheel on the 4.5 grinder.

I plan on using Naval Jelly and then painting with Rustoleum 1200 Black

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Well happy Memorial Day!

I got my first fire going today.  Nothing cooking, just a long dry run.  This is by far the biggest thing i have ever cooked with. 

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very consistent

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I'm envious!  I painted mine today and as of yet haven't lit a fire.  I LOVE your warming box....especially the trick vents.  I have plans for a warming box to sit strattled on my fireboxes.  It will have to wait a month.  I have a wedding and competition to do in June and have my hands full  just getting smokers ready and on trailer.


I painted with the rustoleum and it was awesome to work with.

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Need some advice from the Elders.   This is the by far biggest thing I have ever cooked with.  I know I will have to do more dry runs to be able to get this going properly.

It got up to 225 pretty quickly, but maxed out yesterday at 275.  I would like to have the option to go up to 325-350 if needed. it is possible I did not get it going correctly or just didn't use enough fuel... I am hoping it is not a design error...  I started with a chimney full of kingsford and added 3 splits on to that. I added more wood approx every 45mins, but there was no method to my madness as I was just too excited to pay close attention... can anyone give me advice on what I might have been doing wrong if I wanted to cook hotter.  it was around 90 and pretty humid yesterday, so I also worry about cooks on a cold day.  If this helps.. its a 250 gallon w/ one end cut off. So its now a 230-240 gallon.  The firebox is 1/4 inch that measures 25x32x24.  I have a 1/4 inch thick 29 inch tall 6 inch square smoke stack and 2 intakes that measure 11x3.

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Build a huge fire to start.....  get a bed of coals going and add splits or chunks every so often.....   Preheat and dry the splits or chunks....  

To get really good air flow without adding air to the fire, think about adding an air inlet, in the door, above the fire....   that will direct hot air flow to the cook chamber.....




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Thanks Dave
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great build going on. warming box vents are sweet.


dave's air inlet above fire works, plain and simple works. gets me the higher temps and saves fuel at lower temps.


finished my build couple of months ago and i'm already making plans for modifications!



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Dave, After much thought and research, I am taking your advice with the inlet on the door... hope it was not an insult it took me this long... You very much could be the godfather of Q.  I need your (and the crews) thoughts on something else too please.

Currently, my warmer is well... an oven:)  It is exactly the temp of the smoker.  if I am running 225, it is 225 and the same at 300.  I have decided I need some cool air to run through the warmer.  I plan on making an ~ 11x3 opening on the back above the firebox door right above the top plate of the firebox.  Perhaps even 2 of them as I could also easily add another on the back end of the warmer.  In theory (and its mine, so take it for what its worth) it would pull the cooler air in from outside and cool down the warmer. My "awesome" vents on top don't do much from what I can tell.  Perhaps some air flow will make the difference. If I do 2, should I do them at the same height? I would imagine that air would just go in one and out the other...  I am aiming for 140ish to let the meat rest in after cooks.

Thought I would honor Dave with a drawing attempt.

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Small air intakes, on the warming box near the bottom, on each side, should get you a cooler warming box.... adjustable and even heat....


Do you have an upper air inlet on the firebox??   You might try that also....  It helps to move the air from the firebox to the cook chamber....   At times, the FB gets really hot...  cutting down on the air below the fire, to cool it, also cuts down on the air through the CC....  With the upper air inlet, moving the heat/air through the CC seems a better choice to control the temps....    The whole heat thing is a balancing act using air movement for a control....    



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Thanks Dave.  I am putting an inlet on the firebox door same height as the CC to FB.  Currently, due to the design and where it sits on the trailer, the intakes are near the bottom of the fire and not so much below.   I have the ash drawer if needed to pull in air below.  See post 69 for good pic. 

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That should make it good to go....   You won't need to pull the ash pan...  You have a good design....     



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Thanks Dave.  I will get to work.  I am eager to paint and work on the sink and other goodies... but want to make it perfect first. 

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