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I will get some good glow sticks.  Last time I did that to mark Echols Lane I had some dollar store ones that fizzled out after about 45 minutes.  Its a really good idea to have both GPS & maps.  That way you know how many miles before the next turn which is extremely helpful day or night out there.  Even with having a picture of that white house & barn you will probably drive by 3 farms that look just like that from the road.  Anyway making my list & checking it twice today.  Here is the view from the road at the tree line where the cabin is.  Will check in later!

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Yall enjoy and have a lot of fun!  Make sure you post pictures and make all of us jealous!  biggrin.gif



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Hey there HotnSpicy - 


I've been to Goshen along the pass many times fishing. and then onto the BSA camp  May I suggest swinging bridge as a place to take guestsyahoo.gif....It's along 396 just east of the turn in to Camp VA and the Boy Scout Camp -Hwy 601.  On the river side and it's easy to miss but this is where they do stock twice a year.  Plenty of parking and room to relax and get your toes wet.  You even can walk across the swinging bridge...


Have been following this post for some time.  If I wasn't going to the Bay - in the other direction - doing a smoke for a family outing I'd certainly be there.


If you need any more directions to this site please let me know...



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Will check & post here tomorrow morning at some point & won't be heard from here again till maybe Sunday night or Monday.  The Governor has temporarily lifted all travel restrictions, visa & passport requirements to allow Doug's family safe passage into God's Country!  Anything forgotten by anyone attending will just be forgotten after absorbing the landscape in HD.  Good times AP not needed.  Warning!  No phones, internet, TV or video games!  You can bring all that but they just don't work in God's Country.......well maybe a faint FOX channel from Lexington :)

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OB1 thanks for the heads up!  Sounds like you know the area well.  Keep in touch cause I think next time I reserve access to the cabin I will let ya know.

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Leaving civilization now :)

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We are all packed and leaving in 10 minutes! Wooo Hooooo!!!!

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ENJOY EVERYONE!!!! I know y'all won't get this till Monday but just wanted to say...obviously I couldn't make it. I'm soooooooo disappointed, considering I haven't been camping (or on any sort of vacay) in over 10 yrs and waz sooooo looking forward to getting away and next to nature. Clear my head. Just waaznt meant to be. But can't complain since I DO still have my Mom. Maybe next time...

In the meantime, eat one, drink one, and catch one for me...lol.
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Originally Posted by HoTnSpicy View Post

OB1 thanks for the heads up!  Sounds like you know the area well.  Keep in touch cause I think next time I reserve access to the cabin I will let ya know.

Please do.  In the midst of 3 10lb shoulders for some PP this evening.  Camera busted (OK I forgot to charge)  so no Q pics...


Would love to come down to god's country.....

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Hope ya'll are having a good time..........................Beer.gif

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Sorry I missed this, had other obligations. Looks like a lot of fun
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BuURP!  Well our weekend is over & smokinclt & his family are heading back to Charlotte.  We had some sunshine & rain but it was still perfect.  A storm passed through yesterday around 5ish (Sorry wasn't wearing a watch this weekend) & was over after an hour or so.  No biggie cause we stayed dry with the 2 big canopies.  Sure we coulda went inside the cabin but it was a sight to see it coming over the mountain behind us & I have some great pics of the low clouds coming down to our little valley.  In the 15 years I have been going to this cabin I never fished the river.  Doug brought some poles & lures since we forgot bait & didn't feel like leaving.  Doug got his first bite in about 5 seconds after his first cast.  We all fished for an hour today before leaving & probably caught 20 fish in that time.  I caught a few nice trout & Doug & Nick were catching large mouth bass & a few others. 


I will get to posting pics later.  I need to get unloaded & take care of a few things.  I had a great time with them & think I walked away from it all with 3 new great friends!  We just had a blast & they now have a standing invitation to come next time but they will stay longer so we can see some of the other great things in the area.  Thanks for all the fun Doug, Amy & Nick!  You all are some fine folks to spend a weekend with!

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Very nice!!!  I enjoyed this thread. 

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First one there getting a few things set up.  Tent was great Friday night & listened to the rushing water all night.  I left the door open when it stormed on Saturday & everything got soaked but I dried my sleeping bag next to Doug's firebox on one of my ladders.  Wound up sleeping on the porch table.  Doug was I right about this?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sukE9pGayRc

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That was the call. I have to get better about birds. Had a blast and wish I had taken more pics but just had too much fun being there. It was a perfect weekend in our book! 

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wish i would have seen this i would have loved to come over I know the area well as i use to live on RT 600 between deerfield and goshen:(  boy do i miss it...

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LOL I was posting a bit about our weekend & had pics & stuff ready then a storm came through & lost power & internet for a while.  Anyway I have more time tomorrow night so stay tuned!

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After the storm passed this is the view across the pasture next to the cabin. 

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awesome........... nice smoker......................icon14.gif

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