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Questions for the Picnic Pork Pros

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Thinking about trying my first Picnic Pork in my 40" MES this weekend. Does it hurt anything if the skin is left on and bone left in? What temp should I dial in at? What flavor of wood chip(s) should I run with? Any thoughts/past experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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I have cooked a number of picnics over the years since a few local stores will run them for .99 per pound in a twin pack quite often, I actually prefer the meat from the picnic over the butt anyway, a bit more white meat to it.  The picnic will yield less meat than a butt of similiar weight due to the larger bone.  As far as leaving the skin on, I never have, mainly because I like bark to be present all over the pork when it's done.  It won't hurt anything to leave it on though.  I also cook bone in. 

With pork you can use just about any flavor smoke you can think of, I like Pecan or Hickory. 

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Cook the picnic same as the butt, Cook at 235°-250° to an internal temp of 205°-210°.  I just leave the skin on and as the fat renders out and the skin firms up, it will be easier to remove.  You'll need to pull the meat away from the bone seeing as how the shoulder bone and the leg are still connected.  Some of the meat won't pull like the butt will so you'll need to chop it up in order to serve it.

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Try to remove the skin and take the fat down to a quarter inch if you can. Leave the bone-in for this first run. You may catch boneless butts or picnics on sale in the future, so you can experiment with boneless then. I've done both and like the "bone-in" a little better.


Dial it in at 240 degrees for about an hour and half smoke per pound. (8lb picnic = 12 hour cook estimate) Expect fluctations. I like to use Hockory and apple wood with pork.


Since you're from texas you can wrap the picnic in foil when it hits 160 internal temp. ROTF.gif That's the "Texas Crutch" and will help push it through the stall.

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I smoked a picnic the other day and left the skin on and bone in..Turned out great..I smoked mine at 225*.. Lots of white just peals right off..

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I've got two 1.8lb Picnic Porks they've been in at about 225 - 235 for almost 5 hours and I'm stalled at 190 IT. Is that safe to eat or should I just keep hanging on?

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Tons of ways to do a picnic. I like applewood or any fruit wood on my pork. But I can go either way really, hickory or pecan even mesquite. Fruit woods are always great tho.
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Also if u wanted to take the skin off and make cracklings is great also.
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its safe to eat. might need to chop it instead of pulling
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