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dry cured bacon what cure to use?

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I don’t want to kill myself and I want to make dry cured bacon. What cure do I use? I will smoke the pork belly at the end of the dry cure process 6-8 days…..i am thinking I should use #2 with the rub than when its time for the smoker the meat will be safe for the smoking process? But as i understand cure #1 is for smoking .......?

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You will need cure #1, cure #2 is for longer term curing. Like over a month.
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thank you.

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Most of the people follow these process to cure and yes most of teh smokers follow the cure #1 process.


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For the first time making bacon, a suggestion would be to use some of the tried and true methods and follow them to the letter. Here are a few:


Cures can be dangerous if you don't use the correctly. Use the search bar a familiarize yourself about cures. It is worth the effort.

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If you don't have a way to weigh the meat and the cure accurately, go with Pop's brine:


If you do have a way to weigh the ingredients then the other methods that Woodcutter mentions are good places to start too.

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