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Finally got around to seasoning my MES-30 that Santa brought me with hickory chips. This might start a fight but I want to do up some turkey legs and mac and cheese. Which type of wood chips would work best ( already have a four pack I bought at Wal-Mart 

Apple,hickory,cherry, and mesquite) and give the best flavor to both items? I ask because I have noticed that no one really states which type of wood they use for recipes. Thank you.

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You will get as many different answers as there are wood types. It is all personal preference. Hickory is my "go to" wood.

Try different wood types and see what you like. All of them you have are good choices.



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Morning..... Mesquite is a pretty strong flavored wood.....  I like a hint of it on beef and shrimp....   for poultry, and this being one of your first smokes, stick with apple or hickory, and make smoke for 2 hours or less, then finish without smoke....  Light smoke tastes better than heavy.... If you find you would have liked more smoke, next cook go with 3-4 hours of smoke....   Too much smoke can be foul tasting, bitter.... 



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Well just put a pan of mac and cheese in it. Will show pics later after its done. For better or worse.

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Interested in the mac and cheese.


Have a rescipe?

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I agree with Dave...keep it light until you settle on a favorite.


I actually find that a light mesquite smoke is quite good on poultry but I also mix in a good bit of apple.


Good luck,



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It went bad. It had such a strong smoke smell and taste that hours afterward I could still smell and taste it. I set the smoker for 1hr 45min at 250. Guess practice makes perfect. Tried to attach pics bad box said I wasn't allowed. Any Ideas? Also is there any unit specific cookbooks out there for the MES-30?

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Here's the picture of my shame th_crybaby2.gif. In retrospect I do not believe I opened breather vent, put to many woods chips in tray. Set the temp @ 250 and about 1hr 45 minutes or so. After finding a couple of video's (youtube) I know where I went wrong (I think). I didn't mix items prior to putting them in pan just layered them in pan, used to much milk, and there was a full moon. I know I'm reaching.

Any constructive criticism  will be greatly appreciated.  

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Looks good to me..... what's wrong with it that pictures don't tell....  Right now I'd eat the whole thing....     Dave

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The smoke flavor was overpowering, great of a quantity of chips(hickory) I guess.

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I am going to try it with a amazn pellet smoker.
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If you are going to use Chips add only 1/4Cup at a time. This will keep the smoke limited and is less likely to catch Fire. Always leave the exhaust vent 100% open. As far as Recipes, do a search for what you want or ask. If it can be smoked someone here has already done it and I would bet you will not find this much info in any Book. Look into an AMNPS, at the link below, it's a great addition to the MES...JJ

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Sorry about the way this turned out for you, but here is the good news...


You learned something!  I learn something with every smoke...failure or success!


Like JJ said...the AMNPS is a good solution...I have the AMNS and love it.  


Hang in there and good luck with future smokes.



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Which one would do better AMNS or the AMNPS? Dust or pellets? Also is there a guide or something to look over to help decide?

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I have both. The dust for cold smoking and pellets for hot smoking. I just found out the pellet smoker you can use dust in.
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Originally Posted by Toesmasher View Post

Which one would do better AMNS or the AMNPS? Dust or pellets? Also is there a guide or something to look over to help decide?

Get the AMNPS Pellet version as it can handle both pellets and dust. Check here for info... ...Or feel free to PM Todd ( TJohnson ) if you have a question. Todd is a great guy and super helpful. You can also PM me or any Mod as we pretty much all have Todd's stuff and have worked with members before...JJ

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I tried mac n cheese along with cream corn a few months ago.  What I found is that pasta absorbs smoke really really really well.  ...So well that no one ate it.   I was thinking in the realm of pinto beans. Which are great with lots of smoke. Less smoke is best on the MnC