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Can someone check my math :) - Page 2

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Lots of smoke ...(just turned em up for the final push )




My on-site meat inspector shows up and wants to know why they are not done yet ....



He think they are most likely no good and that I should throw them on the ground and he will take care of them for me

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just learned the hard way that if you have a MES with a remote ..... don't put the remote IN your pocket .......I kinda shut it off lol ... no harm done I think

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Into the hot bath







Into the cold bath






Sliced ...










it was good ..but I think next time I will put a little more garlic in it or use fresh garlic ... its the greek in me that loves the garlic


here is the whole batch ....


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Nice job Paul, sausage looks good!

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Thanks Joe



Ok so as soon as I took them out of the smoker I tried them and they were not as good as I though they were going to be ...I had to hurry off to work and threw them in the fridge in much disappointment to my dog who was hoping I would leave them on the counter lol .. OK after coming home from work  and they had sat up for a while I ate one cold ...its fantastic .. is this the norm ?   You have to let them sit up for a while ?  anyone else  notice anything like this ... still need better garlic...I don't think its the amount  ..I think its the quality of the garlic I have

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Resting seems to mellow and distribute the flavors....Nicely done.

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