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Those look delicious. I sure hope there were some hungry folks to eat all that.

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So now far apart are your racks?
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I Made The Shelves With 1X1 Angle And There Is 6" Between The Top Of The Bottom Shelf And The Bottom Off The Top Shelf. Then I Split The Difference For The Middle Shelf, Giving 2 1/2" Clearance If I'm Using All Three Shelves.
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I love your damper on your stack, going to steal your idea for mine.  Thanks.....And by the way your pork butts look awesome!!!! Not to forget those delicious looking ribs....YUM!

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How high off the plate did come up to put your first rack. I really like the way you have that set up. Thanks for all the help
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@ UrboTrimmM -ThanK You, It Was Great And The Approx 40 Guests We Had Thought So Too.
@ Kevin - Thank You, And If I Recall There Is Just Under 3", I Can Check Tomorrow And Tell You exactly.
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Anyone with questions please feel free to ask them and I will answer them as best I can. Anytime it is possible I will include close up pictures so you can see exactly how I did things.
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So it's been a while since I posted any updates on this build. In fact I've been having so much fun using it I started to wonder if I was ever going to get the final touches finished up.
Here I finally got the bar handles in place and removed the useless angle iron handles seen in solo many other pics.

Here I built a wood storage box on the back side.

And here is a pic of the front shelf
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JW  Really looks good man, great job!

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Great job all around JW. Now you just need to get that monster media-blasted and into the paint shop.
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So I just got finished with the final touch ups on the smoker.

Here's a quick review of what's been going on the last 2 months, I entered my first official KCBS competition. I entered the backyard division and thought for sure I would get the best results on my chicken. I didn't garnish anything and come to find out that while it’s not REQUIRED in KCBS it usually helps your appearance scores if you do. Never the less out of 14 teams in the backyard division I got 6th place for Chicken and Ribs and then 4th place on Pork. Then to my surprise we got 4th place overall, I guess alot of teams are good at 1 or 2 things but don't get consistent scores in all three which is why we 4th overall.

next year its on and I plan on taking home a trophy, heck 6 more points and 3rd overall wou6ldve gotten us a trophy and prize money.


While this smoker will not likely be 100% done as long as I own it, it is what most would consider complete.

I picked it up from the fab shop where they sand blasted it and sprayed it with my paint, but before I get into the new pics of my smoker I want to step back in time and show everyone what I started on just 4 years ago.

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So here is when I took the smoker back to the fab shop

There's a little story about why I took it back to the fab shop.

I picked up the smoker yesterday afternoon and shortly after getting on the interstate and up to full speed the left side wheel came off the trailer, I then looked in the rear view mirror and saw that the smoker was riding straight enough on the bottom of the firebox that I could get it over to the side of the interstate. In the mean time as I slowed down the now separated tire, passed me on the left riding again the concrete wall. I never did see that tire again.

So they sent somebody to bring me a temporary tire and help me limp it back to the shop.

Then this morning when the trailer supply store opened at 9am they had to go buy a new tire and hub assembly for the trailer. That cost them $116, seeing as I only paid them $250 for the sand blasting and the painting labor I would say they lost out on any attempt at making money on this deal.

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So I got it home today around noon, and after they put a new tire on I figured I would go ahead and make the other tire match and keep my one original tire left as a spare JIC.

I upgraded to 3" Thermometers I can now calibrate and they look so much better and are honestly more accurate.

Anyways enough updates, here come the new pics.



All in all I think it turned out pretty to be a pretty good build.

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Great build I wish I had talent like that...

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Great looking build!  Oh what a good paint job will do...brings it all together. 


Happy smoking!



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I warped the door and barrel on the first one I made because I cut it with a torch never could straighten it out but heat is bad for them the metal is under too much stress. I had to slowly weld an angle to the bottom of the door with one leg going into the cooker and the other one over lapping the bottom of the barrel and that looked ok and took care of the air leaks for the most part. When you weld it you have to stitch weld it inside and out and spread your heat from one side to the other taking breaks to let it cool in between do not use water to speed up the cooling as it will force the metal to move more  jumping around on the welds with cool time usually will prevent any more movement but nothing is full proof

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Took me a while to go through it ,that's a great looking smoker I like the simple sleek design. The door braces are really cool looking as we'll hope you enjoy it and good luck at the competitions. Thanks for including us in your build.
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Just out of curiosity how much did this build cost you? Pm me if you don't want it public. I'm strongly considering doing this but im curious how much I need to set aside. I already found a tank for free. 250 gallon
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Nice looking smoker you build there. I like the way you handled the doors.



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