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Spare Ribs ala Belly-Style!

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The spareribs come off the belly; bellies are hung vertically in the smokehouse, ergo making spareribs vertically in the smokehouse on bacon hooks!   Never did them this way, interested to find out how they do.  Hooked them through at least one or two ribs in, had to offset them because of the brisket bone on 3, one had no brisket bone to begin with.  Interested to see if they fall off the hook a/c achieving tenderness near the end, or if there is enough 'tug' to the meat to hold them on!  Have the drip pans to catch them, just in case!  Shook some rub on them, as much as my hand could stand!   Want to take bets whether they make 6 hours or not?  No foiling either




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My bet is you're going to be picking them out of the pan but they should be real tasty!!!

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Lookin' good, Pops!

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My guess is they will hang on....just because you're 'POPS'. Always thought of trying this in my verticle gas smoker but never followed through. Staying tuned....

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My Dad did this for Chinese BBQ Ribs in the Oven sometimes they fell...JJ

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Still in a firm grip in the smokehouse.. so far!  But, the last two hours will tell!  They're looking good...!





  And, as you see, these are WHOLE ribs, not St. Louis style...


We had one rule passed down to us from my grandfather and his father before him, through my dad and to me and my brother and sister;  DON"T WASTE ANYTHING!   All the prep you do beforehand can be done afterwards as well; trim off the skirts, cut off the briskets, square up the ends, etc.  However, when left whole and untouched, you get to eat everything!   Don't even trim the membrane, it eats too!  My false teeth can rip right through it; if not, my knife can!  I will carve them up to St. Louis Style (mebbe not the skirts or membranes... those are more meaty ribs!).   I'll do some Qview at dinner time and show me taking the ribs out, either on the hooks or off the hooks!








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That's a heck of a set of chompers you got there Pops!!!

I think I'm going to change my bet and say they are going to hang in there! I should never have doubted you, they look Awesome!!!

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Looks great as usual....... I am going to say they will hang because you don't over cook......
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Well, just pulled them all, wife took Qview for me of each slab as they came out the smokehouse and brought them in, all were firmly attached to the bacon hooks!













So, now to cut them up and serve for dinner!  Here's the scene of the crime:






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That's Awesome Pops!!!

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Looks great..... I would be scared to eat ribs at that table........ I tend to make a bit of a mess and that looks like a very nice table cloth.......
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Got dinner served, Rob had to cut the ribs for me, just couldn't do it, had hard enough time trying to pull them off the bacon hooks!   Definitely no problem them pulling or falling off!


Anyways, here's my plate showing the smoke ring:





My beautiful wife Linda, my son Rob's SO, and Rob's daughter, Emily, and my wife's bowl of home made scalloped potatoes:




My youngest son Rob;





And the start, before carnage!




:After cleaning my plate and having ice cream on hot brownie, I gave up taking Qview and went in the livingroom....... zzzzzzzzzz


Great Dinner!



Product: spare ribs, pork


Style: whole, untrimmed


cook/smoke time:  6 hours


Ave. air temp: 235


@ 4 hours:  153


@ finished temp:  179


taste:  Delicious!


Added:  bbq rub


served with: bbq sauce - Stubbs (none used, however)


Result;  Success!



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Nice Sunday evening family dinner!!! That's what it's all about right there!!!

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All turned out great. Nice family you got there Pops. Good to have loved ones around to take care of you when needed...JJ

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Thanks for sharing Pops!!!


Great job on the chow!!



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Great job...all looks delicious. Nice to know about the hooks, will have to look into one of those since they are now multi-purpose tools

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Pop's super nice info and cook. I will be trying ribs in my smoker. I may brine instead of using rub. Your thoughts?

One great get together. CF

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I've used both; brine for curing or flavor brine with no cure?

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If that was the scene of a crime, I want to be a Felon!!!! Looks great Pops!!!

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Awesome cook Pops. Everything on the plate looks delicious. And having it with family is what it's all about.
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