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Lets get Smokin again!

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Two years ago our smoke house of many years had its farewell.


Instead of rebuilding we got by with the Brinkman, and side box and now have the replacement in service. Had a few runs of jerky, pepperoni, and fish.


Here are a few pictures of the new smoke house and this years Holiday turkeys






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Turkey results



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That is a lot of turkey. Makes a nice mouth watering picture!

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Fantastic!!! Now how about a whole pig hanging in there???

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Love the turkeys Dawg!  


I've never quite understood why anyone would build a wood smoke house for hot smoking.   I'm I missing something?   Wood, fire.... big fire?  :-)


Nothing better then smoked turkey.  Its the only way I can eat them.  



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Mighty sexy looking birds you have hanging around!
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Wow Wes, That is a very nice brick smoker. The last wood one I had lasted almost 15 years and just had tin lining the botytom and dirt floor.

This one has fire brick floor and about 3 feet on three sides. The door is metal lined to reduce weight.


I expect I will get 20 years out of this one and I can use it for big or small items


I have resisted using propane because I get great flaver from a wood fire. Some say it is more than TBS but I like it a litte heavy.


How do you fire the brick beauty?

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I'm confused  wife.gif  about your heat source, WOOD,  how are you smoking those birds!! 

Are u building a fire in the middle of your smoke house!!  police2.gif  gotta say they look awefully good....

You say you don't like propane!!


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I didn't realize it had tin lining. That would make sense.


I I refuse to use anything but wood.    I agree with you.  Nobody can touch the favor of real wood and smoke.   I let my smoke flow straight through.  Only time I get a bad flavor is when I let the fire get low. 


I fire it up with charcoal and feed it oak and hickory from there. 


Question, can you hang a pig and smoke it without it falling apart? 



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I have not tried it but it does sound good. I do have racks I could use as a safety catch.


The fire is inside of a 24"SS pipe with 1/4"SS top so there is no direct access to the fire




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I like that.    Have you thought about putting fiberglass insulation  between the tin and outside to help keep the heat in.  Just a thought.


I like the size.  I built mine just from my own plan.   It works good but a bit small.   If I ever done another one, it would be at least 8 in. wider.   Once heated up, it wouldn't matter how big it was.  

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I did concider it but I have no problem getting heat.

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Great smoker and them's some wonderful looking turkeys!!! Nice job!

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