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Smoking Olive Oil

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Hi All

Has anyone any experience of smoking oils, either flavoured or not.





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Just when the pan gets too hot

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I recently cold smoked some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  


I divided 1 quart between two Jelly Roll Pans (1/2 sheet pans, maybe) like cookie sheets with a 1" lip.  This was to have as much surface area as I could get.  

I filled my AMNPS with Alder & Pecan sawdust with an aluminum foil tent to help disperse the smoke & keep the bottom of the pans clean.

I put them in my gas grill (won't fit in my Electric charbroil) and let them go while I went to work.  Temp was around 40°F.

When the AMNPS had died out I went out & looked at it.  There did not appear to be much color change, so I filled the AMNPS back up for a second round.

In the morning, after the second round of dust was gone, there still didn't seem to be any color change.  Figuring it wouldn't absorb any more flavor, I brought it in & put it back into the bottle.


I tasted it a few weeks later & didn't notice a whole lot of difference.


When I have used it to make some crustini and some fish, the mellow smoky aroma that comes off of it is exquisite.  I can taste the smoke flavor then.  The flavor is soft, but definitely there.


I want to try a stronger flavored wood, but it will take me a while to use what I already have.  Maybe late spring.


Best of luck


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Hi All

Hot smoked the Oil

Marinated it first with Garlc and Rosemary and Thyme

Hot smoked @175 for 2hrs


Smoked again for flavour every 20mins, stirr for as long as you think it should go.



Took it out @ 3hrs.





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the key to smoking oils or seasonings is to STIR them every few min. The surface will absorb smoke but it really wont penetrate w/o stirring.

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I've thought about this as well. I'll have to give it a shot my next day off maybe

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I was thinking about getting a small food grade pump to circulate the oil around in the pans.  This should keep the surface anew all the time.  I may need to run it on less than 12VDC though.



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Hello, I was opening a new thread, but then I thought, "let me use the search button" ... and I got here :) 

Like any good Italian, I love the extra virgin olive oil: I tried extra virgin olive oil, coarse, cold-pressed, hot, spicy, infused ... never smoked! 

Then I read this thread but it remains a question. Can I smoke large quantities? 
Smoking is persistent. 
If I do the smoking on the oil "new" (the freshly squeezed) there is a best success? 

Thank you very much

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sorry if I return to the question. 
Do you think I could try to smoke a infused oil like this? 

Should I do a little test? 
I have a Smoking Gun by PolyScience that I could use ...

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I would smoke a little at first to see if you like it.  I see no reason you couldn't smoke an already infused oil,  the particular flavors may go well together, they may not.  


Only your equipment will limit the quantities you can smoke.  I have never used a Smoking Gun, but in my case I would be limited more by the lack of shelves and pans than ability to generate smoke.



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