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Hi I am from the south of Sweden

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Hi Guys


Iam 45 years old and live in the south of Sweden. I have been bbq for 7 years now. Iam building my own smokers so in these 7 years i built 5 diffrent smokers, Started with a small offset,second was a stump clone (it was to cold to smoke with the offset in winter), third a uds, fourth a bigger offset ( I can use it as a normal offset and when i close the damper on the cabinet and open the other damper i get reverse flow offset)  and the fifth a combined vault and stump. I also have Proq bbq. I started to build beacuse the retailer pissed me of in Sweden. The price was half in germany but i wasent aloud to buy it from there beacuse the had a retailer here. 

Here are some photos of my smokers


first one



Second one stump Clone



Third one the uds


The fourth a little bigger offset with reverse flow


This damper open and the other closed normal offset

Reverse flow in use



The last one Skaningens Vamp (combined Vault and Stump)






Christmas dressed


All air supply and exhaust are hidden in the frame



When i use it as a stump i have to install this tube in the Vaults 



And remove this metal lid


Here is the convertion kit


Test run before sending it to the painter



Missus use of a grill I needed the lid for the uds


My ProQ in Thailand


Here is a side project for drying meat I use a 60 volt lightbulb to dry biltong (South African dried meat) in this



And last here is the happy smoked smoker last christmas :)


So this is my the last 7 year since i been hooked by smoking :)


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Sweet smokers Skaningen!!! Welcome to the forums .....you'll fit right in here
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Welcome. Looks like you have some skills to have made those. Great job.
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Wow, those are quite impressive!  Welcome

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     Hi, skaningen!

Welcome. I see you have read that pics are most liked around here. I liked every one of your smokers.


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Great looking smokers!
Welcome to SMF!

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Welcome to SMF!........ Wow

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That's an impressive arsenal of smokers.   No language problem here, you speak fluent smoke!

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Välkommen ombord!  Nice family photos there.  You're gonna fit right in here.

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welcome1.gifto SMF!!! We're happy you joined us! Would you do us a favor and add your location to your profile, Thanks!

Great looking smokers there, I am Impressed!!!

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Beautiful work, thanks for the detailed pics.

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Welcome to the forum. very nice work and love the Qview.

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WOW very nice

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Sweet smokers! Welcome to smf. So what's your go to meal.
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Thanks guys.

i smoke ribs, boston butt, baby back ribs. Abt´s, burgers, chicken, salmon and cheese. Smoked salmon is very popular here. I spice the salmon with whitepepper,pinkpepper, salt, sugar, dried chll and a lot of dill after that i let i cure for 2 days before i smoke it. For this christmas i smoked 25 salmons its a good christmas gift :). So smoke the most kind of foods Iam going to try to smoke  some briskets soon, but fore the moment iam starting to build a cold smoke generator.


Like all hard core smoker :) i take photo of the food i smoke 


Salmon ready for curing for 2 days





Some of the smoked salmon and herring











Boston Butt





Some baby back thai style made in Thailand on ProQ







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Hi again Skaningen, thanks for posting the pics of your smoked meat, it looks wonderful. I'm curious what types of wood you have available to you for smoking in Sweden?.

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Welcome aboard!


You've got it going there with your fabricator skills.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks again 

I love to weld, work with metal and figure out how to make the maximum performance of the things i build (its a way for me to clean my head from my work). The Vamp started out that i wanted to build a Vault but after a few beer ( maybe a little more than a few) i decided to combine it with a stump (Just to make the missus happy and sell the old stump clone. But it still here hard to sell things that works good). After that it was back to drawing and figure out how to make a converstion kit so i could change it between stump and vault in a easy way. So  after almost one year building ,testing and rebulding i got i painted and fired up.

Iam still doing some tweaking to get i better. It can not be good enough always some changes that makes it better :)


@ BadMoonT2 For the fish and cheese I use alder. For meat I use oak and all kind of fruit trees. Usually i fire the smoker with charcoal and throw in some wood pices to get some flawor.

 I heard that some use beech so i am going to try that out some day



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Nice fab skills! I like the hidden air supply ans exhaust idea.


I am new to smoking, and want to ask about those temperature probes. Is each one of those connected to an analog gauge, or are they wired to some kind of digital interface?


When I saw them, I imagined you have them somehow connect to a laptop computer to keep track of all those temps.

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