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Meat slicer & vacuum sealer

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Can anyone recommend a meat slicer & vacuum sealer? Something not expensive but will do the trick.
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backyard, morning....  That is tough to answer..... what is your budget ???   You may be better off combining the bucks to buy one item and get a good one.... cheap slicers won't slice a full slab of bacon....  cheap vac machines won't last long (maybe)....  and don't pull a commercial quality vacuum...  That vacuum is necessary for long term storage and no degradation to the product...   If you plan on doing lots of vacuum sealing, a chamber system might be in order, the bags are really cheap and will help pay for the machine in a few years...

I've been using my vacuum machine since 1985... It was a good one back then and it is still working great... 

I know that didn't answer your question.... too many variables for me to spend your money..... Dave

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Go here.  They have some good prices on a good Piston pump, nozzle vac sealers.

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I have a FoodSaver V2244 which is pretty much a bare bones basic unit that I picked up on sale for about $69. Has been working great for 2 years and I use it quite a bit. Only had one seal give way and it was my fault. Wanted the one with all the bells and whistles but glad I got this one. Bought it at . I think they may have free shipping right now. Sorry I can't help you on the slicer. I need a good one too.

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Having used a few department store slicers and always disappointed in their performance I decided to buy a used commercial model. With lots of online searching (craigslist), I found a 9" Univex locally for $100. I do not have a kitchen cabinet big enough to store it but it's worth it's weight in gold, spend the bucks for commercial and you will make many friends ! I'm still using home maker sized vacuum sealer, current one is a Food Saver. It has served me well for a couple years but now that my smoker is working overtime I need to upgrade. Would love a chamber vacuum but the I cannot justify the cost, even with all the fish I freeze.


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Could not help myself, hit up craigslist for a vacuum sealer and found one sweet commercial chamber unit for $550


Here's a video of one operating:


I better start saving my nickles & dimes, now I gotta have a chamber unit!




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depends what you want to do with it...if for occasional slicing any cheap unit will do...just be sure to thaw out or slighly freeze your meat before slicing.


I have the basic Foodsaver unit as far so good...I have being vaccing a lot of stuff lately.  Did a large sirloin roast and sliced for roast beef and beef dip then vacced...meatloaf, jerky, etc.

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