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First build....lots of input needed

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Trying to plan out my first smoker build and could use lots of input. Starting with a 300 gallon oval fuel tank. Where and what kind of air inlets to put on my firebox? Please feel free to offer any tweaks to the plans and give me any advice you can. Thanks in advance.

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There are some great experts on here that can help you with your build. They have some great spread sheets that will help with the numbers......

Good luck and don't forget the pics along the way.
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Jeremy, evening and welcome to the forum.....  Glad you stopped in...   If you have time, cruise the forum and look at smokers others have built....   below is a link to the smoker build forums..... many designs....   find a few you like to get ideas of what you might want to do....  Our members are experts in many area and can answer your questions....  The search bar at the top of the  page can help.... 

The design you have drawn has some areas that can be improved... Other than "pick it apart" as you asked, there may be some "working models" on the forum you like that we can help tweak if you want tweaking...  

This place can become addicting so hang on for the long smokey ride....    

In my signature line at the bottom of my profile are some links with great info.... Clicking on those will take you to some cool links...

Here they are also...  Dave


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Cutting into my tank on Friday night....I can't wait. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Pics will be coming as the build goes.
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I'm in
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Got the Hinges welded on and cut the tank open

Dave is my welding buddy since I have absolutely zero skills
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Great start. This 300 gal is going to make a nice smoker.

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Burn out!!!
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Gotta love the burnout
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Ahhh! Memories!!


Great start, looking forward to this build

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Just doing some holiday Q on the Chargriller

Got the IQ and am trying it out for the first time. Even though it is 2 degrees today it got up to temp in about 15 min. Very impressed.
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This is the finished product of my build. Got so excited that I forgot to post pics until off
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