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im bacon wrapping the bird...

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Hello, Im going to attempt a Bacon weaved wrapped 12lb turkey this year for turkey day, I plan on brining in a basic brine.. Jeff's rub in and out of skin. Mesquite and apple wood. Have a Cabelas Vertical propane smoker. My question, do I place turkey, breast side down or up. Rotate often? the question is primarely for the reason, how easy would it be to rotate often with the weave on a bird!! With the Bacon the breast shouldn't burn right? Any other suggestions or help I would gladly take :)

Happy Turkey Day *best forum EVER!!*

FOUND SOME PICTURES..thought they were lost.... THOUGHT I WOULD POST..

bird in simple brine

Black Forrest bacon weaved night prior while bird went into brine

smoking getting ready early Thanksgiving morning..

Jeffs rub lightly rubbed in and out of skin.

pain staking process of wrapping a bird with two sheets of weave

in the smoker... as you can tell

After a 2.5 rest in the cooler...
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The turkeys Ive smoked have just been on thier backs and not moved at all til ready to pull.  Never saw a reason to rotate.  I like the bacon Idea.

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Flipping Once with a Bacon Weave will be a challenge, even if the bacon is tied on. Don't go through the trouble if you want to flip multiple times. Or use a Rotisserie...JJ

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Thanks guys. I figured it shouldn't be a big deal. Happy turkey day everyone!
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I had trouble with starting a new thread after Thanksgiving, I think Im figuring out this forum now, Here is a picture of the bird once I pulled it from the smoker.It turned out great! Thanks for the help.


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It looks good but it also looks like it has the same problem as bacon wrapped anything. Getting the bacon and the meat it's wrapped in both done to the proper doneness at the same time. The bacon in your pic looks very well done. It's particularly difficult with a weave. When the bacon on the outside is perfectly done the bacon underneath is undercooked. I find it usually works best with pork medallions or smaller cuts of meat.


Did you have nice crispy turkey skin underneath that bacon? 

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Did you have nice crispy turkey skin underneath that bacon?

YES 3montes the skin and Bacon where both very crisp, I used black forest Bacon that's why it looks "done".. but the Bacon actually stuck to the turkey skin, up until I had to wrap it because it finished faster than I wanted. I guess the wrap/cooler method actually steamed the Bacon back to flexible. Over all the flavor was great! Turkey was moist .. Bacon was a different take on the turkey!!
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