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new build looking for ideas

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i am looking to build a RF smoker, in the next month.  what size metal do i get for the firebox and cooking chamber?  1/4 inch???

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1/4" seems to be the standard. Don't go cheap or you will be hating life in a few short months. You might be able to get away with 3/16", but even cutting the 1/4" she will want to curl a bit on ya. There are some very talented and much more experienced builders on this forum that I'm sure will be on shortly to help answer any questions you may have. Good luck to ya, it's an exciting time isn't it ???

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yep I would use 1/4. I used 1/4" on mine it bows up some starting out but settles out after everything get warmed up.

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Going to watch and see what the experts have to say.


I am planning on using 1/4" for mine....

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1/4" is about the perfect thickness for a build. Sturdy, but not to heavy to work with. And it will last a life time if you take care of it.


One thing I've been thinking about doing on my next build, people talk about insulating the firebox and all, ...was  maybe double up on the top plate of the firebox leaving about 1/2 inch gap between the two plates. Most of your heat is lost through the top, it would help keep the heat even on the reverse flow plate. and help save the paint on top of the firebox. I always thought insulating the whole box was overkill, but think doing the top would be worth it.


Anybody got any input on that?

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One more question, what is the average diameter of the cooking chamber or what works best.

I am just a weekend and family cooker, nothing big

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24 inches works very well

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Yep 24" is a nice size. mine is 24x72 and it will hold enough for a good size crowd.

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