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Canadian Bacon Smoke w/Qview

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Kroger had a deal on half pork loins, rib half's, $1.79/lb., picked up two of them and brined them for 27 days, was going to smoke them last week but Hurricane Sandy hit and waited another week (that's the beauty of brining vs. dry curing, flexibility - you have up to 45 days in the brine!).    


Took them out this morning, sacked them and hung in the smokehouse:






started the mailbox on smolder with a combination of Corn Cob and Pitmaster's:







and off they go!


Promised my sister a piece, she's still in upstate NY, didn't want to ship it to her until their problems straightened out, that's why I waited!  I'll post more when they're done!

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Looks great..Tell Joann I sent my best wishes!!!!


I sent a link to this thread to her;  "Jo Ann, Craig Wedgwood says Hi! and Best Wishes!"

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Lookin' Good Pops!

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Nice smokehouse Pops! I have some Canadian bacon that should be done curing today. This is probably a stupid question but what happens after 45 days in the brine? Bacteria count too high perhaps or am I missing something obvious?

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It's finished curing an it starts degenerating into a gelatinous mass, proteins breaking down.

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Love my smokehouse!  Modeled it after my dad's smokehouses from Koch:


                                                                                         This one - Insulated Gas or Electric






With the addition of the external Amazen Smoker mailbox attachment:







The back upper exhaust, showing the Thin Blue coming out:





Inside, the good smoke goin'!






It cost me about $400 in parts and built it myself (while recuperating from one of my strokes, it's a miracle it has 4 sides! lol!)

My kids helped me build it, they are wonderful (and knew what I was going to do with it, keep them supplied!)

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November Roses, just beautiful this time of the year, it's about 80° outside!

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Originally Posted by Pops6927 View Post

It's finished curing an it starts degenerating into a gelatinous mass, proteins breaking down.

Ah ok - makes sense  hit.gif   I hope to build a smokehouse of my own in the very near future. I need to make up my mind what style I want to build   th_dunno-1[1].gif  Wow 80* - it's 45 here right now...

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Spring and Fall are our 'real' summertimes; too hot in the summer and chilly in the winter.

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Internal is 124° as of 12:30pm; proceeding normally!


BTW, as many know, my wife is retiring this month.  They gave her a retirement party Friday, a little early, but time sensitive.... her boss bought her a  ticket at the Texas Motor Speedway for the next day, Saturday, Nov. 3rd; it was November Race weekend there and George Jr. bought her a ticket to "Ride of a Lifetime!" - 4 laps on the track with other 14 other racecars (all driven by professional Nascar drivers) and she had a ball!


my Gorgeous wife, Linda!






others waiting:





Her by Jr's NG car!





Getting into Dale Jr's Navy 88 car!

The plaque she got for the ride!






She had a ball, the speed didn't bother her a bit!


Scanned in her plaque picture!




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Reached 150° by 3 pm, pulled them and they came out great!  Trimmed off one end to check, yum!










Sweet color!  Fully cooked!  Delicious!  That one is for you, Jo Ann!  I trimmed it extra lean!  The end was a thin slice, not much wasted at all!




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Seeing your wife enjoying herself brought a smile to my face.Congrats to her on her retirement and to her new

racing career. Nascar needs a new Pretty Face.



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looks good pops, I will have to try the cheese cloth I usually set them on the rack

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I don't think they are cheese cloth - they look like the cotton ham bags that Butcher & Packer sells


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Looks great Pops and I love the pics of your wife (I'm a Dale Jr fan).

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Nice !
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Awesome pops, thanks for sharing some great moments as well as a great smoke.

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Canadian Bacon sliced!  I split the other piece 3 ways; 1 chunk for my Chiropractor (See YAWYE - The Spine: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/127754/the-spine), 1 for my son, and 1 for me.  This is mine.  Had it this morning for breakfast... sooo good!


Sent off Jo Ann's piece (from Fort Worth, Tx., to Pulaski, NY) Wednesday, she got it Friday.  Waiting to hear if she liked it!

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That looks really good Pops! I'm going to try out your brine for my next batch of Canadian bacon...

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Thats an Awesome smoker Pops!

Bet the wife will never forget that ride either

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