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Where did it go??

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Three men went to a motel together and the clerk said the room would cost $30.00. 

Each man put in $10.00 and they went to their room.

The clerk found he made a mistake and overcharged the three men by $5.00.

He called the bellhop and gave him $5.00 to give the men back.

The bellhop being a smart kid thought you can’t divide 5 by three so he put $2.00 in his pocket and gave the men $3.00 back.

So each man paid $9.00 and the bellboy got $2.00.

3x9=27+2=29   Where did the other dollar go?????

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I believe the two dollars is part of the $27 each man paid. So it should have been subtracted, not added to the equation that was given above. 3x9=27-2=$25, which is the actual cost of the room.

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The three men paid $27.... the bill was $25....  $2 went to the bellhop....   $27 - $2 =$25...  Were you looking for the answer ??

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That's true Dave the bill was $25 and the men paid $27 the bellhop stole $2 but the men were only supposed to pay $25 so they overpaid by $2 and the bellhop stole $2 that makes $4 plus the $25 so where is the $1 to make $30

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They overpaid by $5. $25 for the room $3 returned and $2 for the bellhop makes $30.

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