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Wow I just logged on, and I am totaly shocked.  Gary you will be missed greatly but now you will rest peacefully with our lord and savior.  To the family you are in my thoughts and prayers. 

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R.I.P. my friend   

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Heart felt condolences to his family and friends

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My condolences to the family. I as others didn't personally know Gary but I have realized that talking to so many people through this forum, we all have so many of the same passions.....Gary... I'll be smoking 15 lbs. of Jalepeno Pepper Jack Venison Summer Sausage this weekend so I pray the winds will drift the smell of the smoke up to you! Please say hello to my grandparents and tell them smoke I sent up is for you to all enjoy. Dio ti benedica!!
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This is shocking news.  I was just talking to Gary, about setting up the next So Cal gathering and talking about possible helping with his kids 4H classes.  He was a great guy and will be missed.


My condolences to his family.

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RIP Scar and prayers to the family. He sure helped me out when I was in a bind.

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Wow - sad news. He was the first one to greet me when I joined & although I didn't get the chance to know him like a lot of you (only got to chat with him about his oven), I could tell by his posts & helpful presence on here that he was a good man. R.I.P. Buddy & my condolences to family & friends.

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R.I.P. Scar. I'll catch you on the flip side.

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I'm sure he is smoking his butt off in heaven. You will be missed!
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He just had the S. Cal gathering.  I just wonder if he got bitten with a West Nile Virus mosquito.  They are very prevalent here, we have the dubious honor of having the most cases of it here.  The symptoms are as described; flu-like symptoms, then death.  Usually not that fast, but if he'd been covering up his symptoms (as most of us old farts do) he could have reached critical stages and not been able to get help until too late.  Are they performing an autopsy?  We have to keep kids in, dogs and cats, etc. and NO ONE goes out at dusk or dawn.  And, for those that survive, brain injuries, paralysis, etc. are common.

Please let us know!  Thank you! 

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Well now I just feel even crappier that I wasn't able to attend the SoCal Gathering. As everyone already stated he was such a great contributor to this family here and will be missed for a long time. Luckily his contributions to the forum can still be heard by many in the searches and the knowledge he passed on to others will be passed on by us.

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Wow.....I am shocked!  My prayers and condolences to Lisa and the rest of the family.....so sad......




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R.I.P.Gary, Godspeed, keep the coals hot and the smoke thin!! :(

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Gary was one a the good guys for sure and was a great friend. thoughts and prayers out to his family esp Kathy and Lisa. also want to say to this forum as well sad to hear of the loss. i am not to active at this time but i do know Gary was a big part of here. RIP my friend.
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Scarbelly was always ready to pass along a complement on anyone's latest smoking venture.

He will be sorely missed by all.

My condolences to his family.


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I just saw this and I'm truly stunned. I had recently gotten to know Gary when we advised me on smoking cheese. He gave me links to websites, he advised me in using Todd's pellet smoker, and he gave me his home phone number so I could call him anytime. I never did


It really hurts that this wonderful and gentle man is gone. Like others here, my thoughts and sympathy are with his family.

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His family, friends and Gary will be in my prayers tonight.

I just found out this horrible news. I was just getting to know Gary and I was very impressed how kind and polite he was. He was very proud to help you become a better smoker and person. He sent me some amazing California avocado's and some super good home roasted coffee he made so we could help promote the 'exchange' program here on SMF.


Thank you for your help & friendship and you'll be missed.

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Rest in peace, Gary.    My condolences to all of his family and friends.

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Oh my. I am so sorry. My heart felt sorrow to the family.  Having recently lost my Mama, I know Heaven is real (from some experiences I've had) and hope that will comfort the family.  May God give you comfort on knowing of the joyous reunion ahead.  judy

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Man so sorry to hear this...he has helped us all so much and always had the right suggestion
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