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Chemical removal for epoxy?

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So I think I may have made a boo-boo but want to post about it to get some thoughts. I bought a barrel from a guy near buy that sells them. Sold me a barrel with the tan epoxy coating on it but said all the barrels had product in a bag in it so no product ever hit the inside of the barrel. I took it hope and tried to sand out the barrel's expoxy coating with little luck. I then tried a grinding wheel.... not much more luck. So I used a chemical expoxy release and sprayed it in the barrel and then used the grinder and it worked (used safety protection of course). Once everything was removed and it was down to the bare metal I used a heavy pressure hose and washed out the inside, then used TSP and scrubbed the inside of the barrel and then rinsed it out 2 more times.


Has anyone else used such a chemical to get rid of epoxy? Should I have not used it and screwed up my project? The barrel is already mounted and has everything ready for seasoning. It looks spotless but now I have concerns.


~ Roushy.

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Roushy, welcome. I found the easiest way was to Blast it out with a sand blaster, however you got all the brown out the hard way, as far as the cleaner ; toss some wood in it and burn it, although you should be OK with the 2 washes. JMO.


Getting it on the forum will get you somemore answers , just hang on...


Have fun and...

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