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Brown sugar-Maple syrup bacon

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Brown sugar maple bacon                                             My first try was seven years ago



Cured and dried



4 hrs smoke



That's right...... a Big Cheif             and AMNPS



Into a cast iron skillet






My breakfast                   PS the eggs are from my own chickens!

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Looks tasty, and thanks for reminding me, my bacon stash is a bit low...icon_lol.gif

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Nice work and nice meaty bacon!!!
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Looks good icon14.gif
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That Bacon looks mighty nice!!

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Looks great!!!!

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Looks like it came out great 

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Looks amazing
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Looks great!

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Maple bacon is my favorite, hands down. Great job!
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Geez, does that look great,or what? I'm lookin to get a Big Chief also.Waiting for the price to fall to around $100.

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Hey, at what point do you add the maple syrup? I am curing ten plus pounds very soon and have home made syrup I'd like to use,. Using Morton's smoke flavored sugar cure this time for the cure. Thanks!
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