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Here are some pics of my smoker build, as promised. I decided to go with a double-walled, insulated, stainless steel design. Looks like I'll be handing this one down to my grandkids. More pics to come. Thanks for all the help and advice.












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Very nice. Interesting build..... I like the creativeness....
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When it's done, it's gonna look like a train.

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Checking back with you on your smoker, looks like it's been a couple years.

I want to add a box onto my current smoker to use as a warmong box and smoker when I need the room.

I like the idea from boykjo (see below).

Question is when adding the warming box, I don't want to add a damper above the firebox, The firebox does get hot, what is the best way to lower the heat from the top of the firebox to the warming box. I like the idea of how the RF going thru the main CC and into the warming box for smoking by adjusting both dampers for equal smoke flow.

Open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.




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To lower the temp of the FB, add an upper air inlet to the FB.... that will move the "excess" heat into the CC and lower the FB temp.... Using the 2 FB inlets together, a suitable CC temp can be achieved without an overheated FB.....

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Makes perfect sense. I will need to redo my door for a better vent opening. Been trial and error, but have good results with past cooking. Now going to expand my smoker. I am currently looking to get a larger tank for a bigger smoker to join the ribfest cookouts. I hope.

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