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They usually burn a lot hotter when they are empty. Thermal mass and all, plus the food changes the airflow as well, did you smoke anything this weekend?

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I had to work this weekend but I am off today and there 8 thighs and a slab of spare seasoned in the fridge. I also have 3 lbs of pork and beef left over so I might run to the butcher and get some hog casings and smoke some brats. do you think I should add the same amount of charcoal I did before?

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I would, I think you will see the temp come down with it loaded with food. You might even get a little more cook time with the reduced airflow.

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So I fired her up today. I did 1 slab of spare (trying a new rub out). 8 chicken thighs and 12 bratwurst's. Filled the basket the same as I did before. After reaching 250* it maintained that temp with very little work for 3 hours. Then I thru in the brats and chicken. And the temp dropped and maintained 225*. I actually had to light the basket in the middle and let it burn towards both ends to keep it around 250*. it jumped to 255* because my hickory caught on fire. I would say maintaining 225-250 for 6+ hours is a success. BTW I forgot pictures so I know the rule. None of this ever happened.


P.S. rub was a mix of John Henry's Hone rasberry rub, Jalapeno Powder, Ghost Powder, Three Pigs Kansas city Rub. Foiled Trigg Style. It was oh so good. Sweet with a kick at the end. Try this mixture out.

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Great, I was thinking it would do ok from what you said it did empty.  Now its just learning and tweaking it. Enjoy.

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I cooked up three baby backs this weekend with my Side Fire Box using suggestions from this form. I have to tell you, I was able to kept the temp close to 300 for over three and half to four hours. I sit it up as the picture above with bricks (my had holes in the center) and lay the wood near the grill side and then in the center. The smoke worked out perfect and so did the heat. Ribs turned out great (family words, which counts the most) You all have help me solve one of my problems already. THANK-YOU!  (Sorry no pictures, I will remember next time)

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