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Boston Butt question

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I was so excited to try a boston butt on my smoker, after great luck with chicken, ribs and jerky. I wasn't prepared for how long it would take!  I started it at 12 and took it off at 10:00pm(I was exhausted and had to sleep!).  It had just reached 170 and I was shooting for 185 for pulled pork.  I was wondering if there is a way to continue cooking it to reach the pulled pork consistancy or if since I refrigerated it, I am stuck with slicing it.



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Never ran into this situation. You can try to foil it with some apple juice and put it into the oven at 225 - 250 until it reaches 205. Or maybe cut it up and put it a pressure cooker for a while. I know this thread is a couple days old; so how did it turn out?



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Woah...Really sorry this got missed! The short answer is Yes it can be finished in the oven and the best choice, as Gmc suggested, is to Foil or Pan with Apple juice and go in the oven. My only addition is for the greatest Safety, since it has already been in the Danger Zone twice (heating and cooling) would be to finish quickly at 325*F. You didn't mention the Size or Smoker Temp you used but I can tell you that at 225*-250*F plan on 2 hours per pound with a 2 hour CYA/Rest. At 250*-275*F 1.5 hour/pound plus a rest and anything at or near 300*F 1 hour/pound. Anytime you get done early, you can wrap in foil and towel and place it in a cooler to reat and stay hot up to 5 hours...JJ

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