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making the Big Rig Trailer

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hey all I'm fairly new to the forum and after all the reading here and on other forums, I would finally start, but first introduce myself
 My name is Lino and I live in belgium, I'm 26 and I love working with food and brewing beer oh and my apologies for the bad english

 I've been around for a while with the idea to make a big Q on trailer
 my current Q (smoker / grill) is very suitable for small parties familly parties up to 30 people but there is increasing demand and the groups always get bigger (street parties, fairs ...) and I do not always want to rent or beg for a large Q
 So, I want to build one for myself
 the axles I have are two strong axles of 47.2441 inches wide (can be made ​​wider)
 2 oil tanks 1 is 92.5197 inches long, 47.2441 inches wide and 1 is 47.2441 long and wide
 also a 3rd tank 62.9921 inches high, 19.685 inches wide and 62.9921 inches long that I would have to narrow the latitude of the barrel
 from the 3rd, I would make the fire box and above it a heat cabinet / smoker

 now my questions


 is such a tank suitable for building a bbq rig?
 things I definitely should do and what not to do?


 something like this, I have in mind only the wheels are not in the good place

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Very ambitious project Lino!

How thick is the metal for the tanks?
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Very interesting project for sure.  Post some pics of your materials you have already. 

Welcome to the forum also!

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@ solarYellow : i realy dont know i guess its somthing around 0.4 cm = 0.15748 inche

@ bruno: i'll post  some pics as soon that i'm getting my first tank

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so i was thinking to isolate the botom of my rig  what do i use ? i was reading about rock wool is that anny good?

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WOW thats some first smoker !!!!!

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yea i know but whats worth doing is worth over doing

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The problem with the axles at the back like that is WAY to much tongue weight... depending on what your gonna pull it with you really don't want over 1000 lbs of tongue weight
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i know i know thats a drawing foult they need to come to the middle of te trailer

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I'm in for the ride 110.gif

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my 2 axels +/- 47.2441 inches wide

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Lino, morning.... Those torsion axles are great...  That will keep the smoker close to the ground...  

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thx thas why i bought them , tomorrow I will try to post pictures of the barrel that I bought and the chassis that I've found

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as I promised the photos of the barrel and frame

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Welcome to the forum.  I think you will like it here and get the answer to all your questions.  I have to agree that this is an extremely big build for your first one.  Saying that, a lot depends on your background skills for these type projects.  Read your profile, but it does not say anything about welding experience.  These type projects have to be done so they are safe when transporting over the road.


If that is not an issue all is good.


You said that you want to be able to cook for approx... 30 people.  If you build the one shown, that will be way over the required size to feed 30 people.

I have never built one that size, but will offer any fabrication pointers if I feel will help you.


I would consider downsizing a little on my first one just to have the experience of building one and completing it quicker.  There's a lot of information about the amount you need to feed 30 people and I would design the size based on that


Good luck and keep us posted with good pictures,

Thanks Randya

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That will make a fine rig

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I think you've read something wrong my current bbq is big enough for 30 people, so I want a bigger bbq, now I always need to rent one for lager groups up to 200 people

the welding wil not be done bye me but bye a pro. welder


thanks for the concern and all tips are welcome of course

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Looks like you have a start there. Do you have a pic of your current smoker?

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no but i'll make one  soon ;)

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i everybody :

its been a while I was still reading along but a lot has changed ( rebuilding the house getting a son into the world ...)

so now i'm back

a lot of the materials were delivered to the scrapyard ($$$)

and some new ones are bought  

first a new trailer from an old caravan +/- 7 meters (gne reduce that to 4 meter max.)

a 250 gal propane tank

2 gas burners


the rig will be made  in a school where they teach metal crafting,welding,carmechanics


maybe I better stat e new topic in rf smokers  forum?


and here are some pictures/ drawings










at the other side there will be a sink and the 2 burners


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