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lowes charcoal deal

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2 20lb bags for something like $9.99. almost half price.

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Was that briquettes or lump?  I need to check out Lowes  Thanks for the info.  Steve

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...and what brand?

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kingsford briqettes

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Thanks, I was hoping it was lump.  Steve

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Lowe's appears to be getting a jump on Home Depot for Labor Day this year. Usually they are pretty competitive; last year the price was something like $7.88 for 40 lbs. I still  have plenty, so I may wait and see what HD does next week.

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This is why I've been using briquettes.  I stockpiled on the Home Depot Memorial Day deal last May and still have a bunch left over.  I like lump's performance better, but with a price like this, how do you pass it up?  Especially if Home Depot might beat it next week.   I guess I'm cheap, but I'm going with the cheaper option.  I don't think it changes the final product much, so why not?

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Already got 8 bags, getting more next week.  Sale says it will run while supplies last or until September 3. 

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Thanks for the heads up!!


Picked up a year or mores supply.


42 bucks for 160 pounds..not bad...

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I got 4  (2-pack) yesterday and and 2 (2 pack) today.

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Lowes is all we have in this area.   I have about 140lb in stock.  Once I get my brick smoker going, I'll use it to get the heat going.   

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$9.99 for 40 lbs. today thru Monday.

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