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Second Tri Tri tip- with Q View

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This would be my second try at smoking tri tip roasts.  Got two lovely roasts on Sale at my local Safeway and rubbed them the night before with a modified Santa Clarita Rub.  6 tbl garlic powder, 4 tbl  pepper and 3+ tbl salt.  I smoke in my trusty weber kettle with a modified potato thermometer to keep track of the smoking temp, and the requisite water pan.  More or less it works.  After about two hours at about 210-250 degrees (I really have to keep better track of this) the interior temp of the meat rolled in at 138 to 140 is so took them off wrapped in foil and let sit for 45 to an hour waiting for guest to show up.  When they came in slice to show some lovely tender beef that really went fast. the reason I have only one pic of it sliced is the guests were chowing down so fast I had to keep up with demand.  Put them on a nice sliced roll, no sauce or condiments needed



My trusty smoking equipment



Out of the frig and coming to temp



Placed on the smoker, ready to be covered


Two hours (or so ) later


After a nice rest



Love that color!  

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Congrats on your TriTip looks good - a true Santa Maria TriTip is done over Oak on a grill but I love the smoked ones just a much. I do 3-4 a month in the summer. 

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