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Bacon-wrapped pork loin with Q-View

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Hi all - did a nice 6lb pork loin over the weekend and thought I'd share!


(Hat-tip to Jeff Phillips of whose on-line recipes I used for reference.)


First, I put a little olive oil on the loin and coated with Jeff's rub.


Next, to prevent the loin from drying out I did a bacon weave using 2 lbs of bacon.  Then I tied it up with butcher's twine.  (Next time I'll lay the twine down *first* under the bacon to make it easier.)





I left it on the wire rack seen above to make it easier to handle.  I smoked at 250 using apple and cherry wood.


After about 3.5 hours it reached 145 internal temp so removed from the smoker and rack, and wrapped in HD foil in a pan.  I had about 2 hours to kill before our guests arrived and I left the thermometer in, and it help pretty close to 140 the entire time and the foil was overflowing with delicious drippin's!  Wrap it loosely to allow for all the juice.


Anyway, turned out delicious AND attractive!!







Highly recommend and it's a "quick" smoke (i.e. when you don't have 9 hours and still want delicious smoked pork).



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Big Lew BBQ

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Looks good!!!  That bacon wrap really helps with moisture on a usually fatless or nearly so cut of meat.  keep on keeping on!  Steve

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Tom that pork loin looks delicious!  icon14.gif

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I am going to do this later today.  Just put on some BB and they are smokin away.  Will post pics of my bacon wrap PL later today.

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Looks great!!

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