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temp too hot

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brisket - grill.... temp at 3 - 400.  how do I get the temp to come down.  charcoal - kingsford.  i've closed every vent and stack even and poor'ed water on it.  nothing



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You can...CAREFULLY...Remove some Coals to a metal container...JJ

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Yeah.... thanks.JJ.... thats actually what i did.  was surprised and how few coals are needed to get that temp to where you need it.  

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Ain't this stuff fun! When you have some down time, please head over to Roll Call and introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from, your type of toys and how experienced you are. There are lots of great and knowledgeable folks around here that will jump threw Hoops to help you out and we look forward to your input...JJ

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Afterwards if I want to increase the temperature, then I have to put some coals there. Or any other ideas???



livre ancien

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What smoker are you using? Did you light all the coals at once by chance?

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A pair of long tongs are indispensable to have on hand while using charcoal.  I had this problem once.  What I did was pull them out and dip them very briefly in a bucket of water, then onto a garage drip pan.  The quick bath put them out, but the heat evaporated the water quickly.  Then I used them later on in the smoke.  I was able to put them out without soaking them and ruining them.  They burned just fine.  This would work even better with lump than it would with briquettes, I'm sure.

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