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Help did i just mess up my new MES 40! - Page 2

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Well said shortend

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Glad to see everything working out well for you, redrum. Smart on Sam's Club end for the sake of good customer service. Cabelas is another company that will take back just about anything with no questions asked, to keep customers happy. Sure hasn't hurt them any, either.  



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I smoked Salmon last night with no smell like before(99% sure it was the tile), and the back area was still hot but not sizzling like before.  It smoked really well and nothing came out the back at all.


I think my initial knee jerk reaction was overblown, and am happy i kept this unit as it is holding temp like a champ still with only 6degree variance.  I was like the kid who broke his favorite toy on christmas morning.

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I'm glad I read this post. I was thinking about putting a tile in my MES40. I noticed a bit of a hot spot only when I'm doing sausage but I just move the links around every few hours. I think that's how I'll keep on doing it. Thanks for the heads up!

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I have used the tile for 8 months and never noticed a problem with smell but after reading this thread I looked and sure enough there is a slight warping to the back plate so I removed it. The back and right side does seem to be hotter to the touch than the rest of the unit so maybe some insulation was melted but the MES seems to work fine so I am not going to panic...JJ

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Very well said ShortEnd, honesty is always the best policy. That being said I am still amazed at what Sam’s an/or Wal-Mart will cheerfully take back and refund or exchange no matter what  


Glad everything worked out for you, redrum. Thanks for the post

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Happy to hear everything has worked out for you. Also glad I read this cause I was going to give the tile a try, but not now! I use a cookie sheet, wrapped in heavy duty foil, it fits perfectly where the bottom rack would normally go.

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I have been using a Terracotta Plate filled with sand in my MES 30, for over a year now and have had non of the problems everyone is mentioning with using the Tile?  But I think you came to the right place for an answer, the people and knowledge they have on this site is amazing.  Here is a pic of the terracotta plate I use.








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